What is WOFF Format And How To Open It Online?


What is WOFF?

Web Open Font Format was developed collectively by many different organizations, noteworthy of which are Mozilla, Microsoft, Opera, TypeSupply, and others. These font files have the WOFF extension and were developed to give web designers greater flexibility in terms of which fonts they can use. Before Web Open Fonts, designers were limited to using ‘web safe’ fonts that were guaranteed to render on different operating systems and were supported by all browsers.

Web Open Fonts are really just fonts; it’s how they are used that essentially differentiates them from other font types. When used on websites, the font is uploaded to the server and called using the @font-face CSS rule.

Web Open Fonts are quite popular however, they are not yet supported by mobile browsers and Internet Explorer 9 and earlier. The formats are significantly smaller than other popular font formats, TTF and OTF, font licensing is easier to track since the licensing information is added in the metadata, more languages can be written, and text can be read out loud and indexed by search engines.

How do I view a WOFF file online?

Viewing a WOFF file isn’t easy because these fonts are meant to be called using the @font-face rule and if you just want to view what a font looks like you will need to find a tool that lets you see the characters in it. Even if you find a tool that lets you preview the font, it may not necessarily let you enter custom text. Drag & drop the WOFF file to Jumpshare and you can preview the font as well as type in custom text. You can increase and decrease the font size as well giving you a reasonable amount of flexibility for testing the font.

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