What is WebM Format And How To Open It Online?

Screen Shot 2015-01-15 at 3.04.32 pmWhat is WebM?

The WebM file format is a video file format that uses the WebM file extension. It was created to provide an open format for compressing videos. The project is sponsored by Google and is based on a Matroska profile. Firefox, Opera, and Chrome natively support the WebM format while both Safari and Internet Explorer require add-ons or plug-ins or other third party software. The format can be used to embed video files using the <video> HTML5 tag.

What makes the WebM format popular is that it is an open source video format that renders high quality video content to rival other commercial options. What holds it back from more universal adoption is the lack of support in two leading browsers; Internet Explorer and Safari. The lack of support means that if developers decide to rely on this format and HTML5 alone, users who access their websites from Internet Explorer or Safari will not be able to view the video. WebM files use the VP8 technology for compressing video and the Vorbis audio codec for compressing audio.

How do I view a WebM file online?

WebM files can be played by any browser that supports HTML5 but not all browsers fully support HTML5. To ensure that a WebM file can always be viewed, or to view it online yourself, upload it to Jumpshare and click the file to open it. When a WebM file is viewed in your browser using Jumpshare, browser compatibility is no longer relevant. The file viewer supports video seeking, volume control, and full screen viewing mode.

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