What is TTF Format And How To Open It Online?

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What is TTF?

TrueType Font files are typeface files that have the TTF file extension. A typeface or a font as it is generally called allows you to see different characters, letters, numbers, and symbols on your system when viewing a document in a word processor, when viewing a web page in your browser, and when naming files and folders on your system.

TrueType Fonts were developed by Apple for their desktop operating system. Apple later licensed it to Microsoft allowing Windows to take advantage of this new font rendering technology. Before TrueType Fonts were developed by Apple, the different characters and letters that appeared on a computer were bitmap images. The biggest drawback of these bitmap fonts was that the characters did not render smoothly at higher resolutions. TrueType Fonts are vectors and operating systems have a built-in rasterizer that translate these vectors to bitmap images for displaying. The font could scale to any screen size and rendered just as well on printers making characters appear super smooth.

How do I open a TTF file online?

Jumpshare has an excellent font viewer for TTF files. Upload the file to Jumpshare and click to open it. You will be able to input any text, change the size of the font, and apply bold, italic, and underline to it if the font supports it.

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