What is TTC Format And How To Open It Online?

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What is TTC?

TrueType Font Collection files are TrueType font files grouped into a single container and saved with the TTC file extension. At the core, they are TrueType fonts with one advantage; they allow multiple TrueType Fonts or TTF files to be grouped into one and allows common glyphs in the font to be shared. This reduces the number of glyphs in the file and results in a smaller file size. These fonts are usually used for  languages that  do not use the roman alphabets or which modify the roman alphabets by adding strokes or other symbols to them.

Since TrueType Collections are TrueType fonts grouped together, they have all the advantages of a TrueType font; they can scale for larger screens, are compatible with both Windows and OS X operating system, and render well for printing purpose.

How do I open a TTC file online?

Jumpshare has a feature rich file viewer for TTC files; upload the file to Jumpshare and click to open it. The file viewer will let you type text to see how the different characters in the font appear. Since a TTC file is a collection of different fonts, a dropdown in the file viewer will allow you to switch to one of the different fonts grouped in the TTC files. You can also increase or decrease the font size.

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