What is SVG Format And How To Open It Online?

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What is SVG?

SVG was created, and is maintained by the W3 SVG Working Group. SVG stands for Scalable Vector Graphics and are small files that, when compressed, retain their quality exceptionally well. They are two dimensional images created using text commands that can be displayed on XML web pages. The biggest advantage of using an SVG file is that the image can be shrunk down or dragged out to any size without impacting the quality. In stark contrast to JPEG, JPG, and PNG files that will eventually pixelate if stretched too much, SVG files are resolution independent and will resize without any sort of image distortion or drop in quality. SVGZ is another file format associated with Scalable Vector Graphics and it represents an SVG file that has been compressed using the gzip algorithm. Adobe Illustrator is a popular program used to create Scalable Vector Graphics. SVG file code can be saved as an SVG file itself using a common text editor like Notepad for Windows or TextEdit for OS X and the file can then be used in the image HTML tag

How to view SVG files online?

SVG files are compatible with most modern day browsers but not with Internet Explorer 8 or below. To view an SVG file online, upload it to Jumpshare. The file viewer will retain any transparency in the image when rendering it. Sharing an SVG using Jumpshare will let you circumvent any compatibility problems that may arise if someone were to view the file in an outdated browser or one that doesn’t support SVG files. Older Android devices also do not support viewing SVG files so you can use Jumpshare to share an SVG file with someone on a mobile device that may be running an older Android version.

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