What is RM Format And How To Open It Online?

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What is RM?

RealMedia files are videos that have the RM file extension. These videos are mostly used for streaming content to online users and have both audio and video data stored in them. When RealVideo and RealAudio are packaged together, they collectively make up an RM file. This format was developed for streaming videos to online users. It was created by RealNetworks and these files can be streamed and/or viewed using RealPlayer developed by RealNetworks.

RM file types are ideal for transmitting and broadcasting over the internet; they offer good video quality and are flexible in their bitrate so that they can be transmitted seamlessly over slower connections. These files cannot be edited and require the proprietary RealPlayer to play them. A few other players may exist that support this file type but as RM files have grown less popular, so have media players that support the format. RealPlayer is available for all popular desktop operating systems, Windows, OS X, and Linux.

If you want to play an RM file but do not have RealPlayer installed, you will have very few choices regarding how to play it. Many users resort to converting the RM file to a different format and there is a reasonable number of file format converters available that allow users to convert RM files to a more common format.

How do I view an RM file online?

Instead of converting an RM file to a different format for that sake of viewing it, you can view it directly by uploading it to Jumpshare. You have the added advantage that if you need to share the file with someone, you can share the file’s link after uploading it to Jumpshare. This will make it easier for the recipient to open the RM file as well.

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