What is RAW Format And How To Open It Online?

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What is RAW  format?

The RAW  format represents data captured by a digital imaging device, usually a camera. RAW Image files are saved to lots of different file extensions such as the format contains information related to saturation, exposure, white balance etc., in the form of tags. The bulk of data which makes these files exceptionally large in size is the image data captured by the device itself which when converted, will translate into an image. A RAW file itself isn’t a complete image; you will always use a conversion software that will read the data and other image information stored with the file to give you an actual image.

Cameras have the option to save images either in JPEG format or RAW format. Scanners don’t really save images in RAW format; they will save to either JPEG or Bitmap however scanning software will extend the option to save an image in RAW format in which case it is saved as a linear TIF file or a similar RAW format that is lossless.

Different camera manufacturers create their own RAW format for saving image data and provide software that can import it from a memory card and convert it to one of the standard image formats such as JPEG or Bitmap (BMP).

Canon Raw Image format


Digital Negative


Epson Raw Image format


Fuji Raw Image format


Kodak Raw Image format


Kodak Raw Image format


Kodak Raw Image format


Konica-Minolta Raw Image format


Nikon Raw image format


Olympus Raw File Format


Pentax Digital Camera Raw Image Format


Raw image format


Sigma Camera Raw Image format


Sony Raw Image format


Sony Raw Image format


Sony Raw Image format



How Do I View a RAW Image file online?

Upload the RAW image file to Jumpshare; regardless which RAW format the file is in, Jumpshare will process it and display the captured image. The file will not lose any data and can be downloaded any time for processing on your desktop.

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