What is PPSX Format And How To Open It Online?

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What is PPSX and PPS?

The PPS file format is a PowerPoint slideshow format that will always open in the slideshow mode. When clicked, the file automatically starts the slideshow instead of opening the file for editing as is the norm with a PPS file.

The PPSX file format is the XML based PowerPoint slideshow format. Other than it being XML based, the file runs like any PPS file; it will launch in slideshow mode when clicked.

PPSX and PPS files may or may not be editable depending on how the author saved them. If a file is editable, you should be able to right click it on your system and choose MS PowerPoint as the default program. The files contain all data – text, images, video, and audio – that the original PowerPoint contained. There is no difference in file size between the PPT and PPS, and PPTX and PPSX formats.

How do I open a PPSX or PPS file online?

Upload the PPSX, or PPS file you want to view to Jumpshare and click to watch the slideshow. You can view the slides in two different modes; the regular viewing mode, or the full screen mode. In regular mode, you can jump to any slide using the slide navigation tool, you can jump to the start or end of the presentation, and you can view the slideshow in full screen mode. In full screen mode you can navigate between the slides using the left and right arrow keys.

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