What is PDF Format And How To Open It Online?

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What is PDF?

Portable Document Format files are documents that have the PDF file extension. It is an extraordinary file format that is not tied down to any application, or platform. Portable Document Format files, or PDFs as they are called are the most common document format available online. The format was developed by Adobe in 1993. Although proprietary at that time, it was later released as an open standard in 2008.

PDFs can display text and graphics; different fonts can be used and it can store just about any sort of layout of the text and images. The purpose of this file format is to ensure the content of the document can be transmitted securely while its layout or content is not distorted or corrupted during transmission. According to Adobe, the files are meant to always look like the original file with no loss in data or in quality. The documents can be signed, data from them can be deleted securely, and can be password protected, among other things.

There are many desktop applications that support the PDF format, MS Word documents can be saved to this format, as can documents created using Pages on OS X.

How can I view a PDF online?

Upload the PDF file to Jumpshare and click to open it in the PDF file viewer. You can navigate through a multi-page document using the up/down arrow keys, or jump to a particular page in the document using the page tool at the top. The viewer also lets you zoom in or out for a better reading experience.

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