What is Pages Format And How To Open It Online?

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What is Pages?

In 2005, Apple Inc., developed a word processor app for its desktop OS called Pages that would allow users to create documents. Documents created by Pages have the pages file extension. The app has been developed for both OS X and for iOS. It is part of Apple’s iWork suite of productivity apps that counter Microsoft’s Office suite.

In a world where Macs compete with PCs, there is often a problem when a Pages document has to be opened on a PC. Where Pages supports the DOC format that MS Word saves documents to, MS Word in turn cannot open a Pages file. Several hacks exist for opening a Pages file on a PC or Linux system but they are almost always associated with a word of caution in file corruption. The safest bet in most cases is to use an app that can support the format as opposed to using hacks.

How do I view a Pages file online?

Pages is a proprietary word processor and there are very few apps and programs that will open a Pages document. Upload your Pages document to Jumpshare and click to open it. Jumpshare’s file viewer supports the Pages file format. You will be able to read your document as easily as you would read a PDF file. Use the scroll bar or the page navigation tool at the top to jump to a different page in the document and the zoom tool to magnify the contents of the file.

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