What is OTF Format And How To Open It Online?

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What is OTF?

Open Font Type was developed by Microsoft and Adobe in 1997. These font files use the OTF extension and are compatible on both Windows PC and OS X. These fonts were developed to behave the same way on both operating systems and are compatible with systems that are over ten years old. The fonts are highly scalable and were developed with the TrueType font as a base adding support for a wide variety of characters, greater typographic control, and more layouts. It also contains information regarding metrics, kerning, hints, and bitmaps.

OpenType allows 65,536 characters in a single font and uses Unicode encoding. Since the font can support so many characters it is better suited to support other languages which in turn have a larger number of letters and characters in their alphabets. Typographic support in OpenType fonts allows users, particularly designers to make use of the rich features a font has such as ligatures, tabular lining, fractions, ordinals, and more. You will need to use an application that supports these features in order to work with them.

How do I view OTF files online?

Upload the OTF file to Jumpshare and click to view it. The font opens with a text editor that allows you to type in any text of your choice and see how it looks. You can also change the font size although the text you type in the font viewer will not be saved.

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