What is OGV Format And How To Open It Online?

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What is OGV?

Ogg Theora is a container format capable of sending and receiving audio and video as well as supporting metadata. Ogg Theora files use the OGV file extension and use the Theora codec to compress video. OGV files can be embedded using the <video> tag in HTML and are supported by Firefox, Chrome, and Opera, but not by Internet Explorer and Safari.

OGV files can be stored in the OGG container format as well as the rival MKV, Matroska format. Quality wise, evaluators have found the OGV format and the Theora codec to produce lower quality video content compared to other more popular codecs. Theora in turn have been improving on their codec and as of a version 1.1. claim that video quality is as good as that on YouTube which uses H.264 and H.263 encoders.

The format is popular on Linux systems where it is natively supported. Outside Linux, OGV is supported on desktop by very few media players with VLC bringing support for both Windows and Macs.

How do I view an OGV file online?

OGV is one of the many file formats that Jumpshare’s file viewer supports. The file viewer for an OGV file has basic media playing features; a play/pause button, a seek bar for jumping to any position in the video, volume control, and full screen view. Upload your OGV file to Jumpshare and click to view it in your browser.

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