What is MPEG Format And How To Open It Online?

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What is MPEG ?

MPEG and MPG are both file extensions for video files created on the Moving Picture Experts Group standard. MPEG and MPG files both use the same standard and are essentially the same thing but you will find that some digital recording devices only support one or the other. The MPG extension is meant to work with older systems that only allow eight characters in the filename and a three letter file extension. It is a lossy compressed format that is used to store audio and video data specifically for use with multimedia services. The files can also be transmitted over television networks.

As far as videos are concerned, MPEG or MPG files are quite common and you will find the format used in CDs and DVDs to store high quality videos. MPEG files may be compressed using one of two standards defined by the Moving Picture Experts Group; MPEG1 is the lossy compressed format that is used for storing videos on CDs and DVDs and is used for streaming and broadcasting whereas MPEG2 is the format used to transmit or broadcast videos. MPEG2 is better in terms of quality than MPEG1 and was made to compensate for some of the shortcomings with the MPEG1 standard.

MPEG is a both a standard and a file extension. This means that files may be encoded or compressed using one of the many MPEG standards but they may not necessarily have the MPEG or MPG extension. A common example of this is the MP4 format that are created on the MPEG4 standard.

How do I view MPEG files online?

Both MPEG and MPG files can be uploaded and viewed on Jumpshare. The video quality is preserved and Jumpshare can open the file regardless of which MPEG standard was used to create it. Files can be viewed in the standard viewer size or in full screen mode.

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