What is MP2 Format And How To Open It Online?

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What is MP2?

MPEG-1 Audio Layer II is a lossy compressed audio format that saves files with the MP2 extension. This format was fairly common but is now dominated by the MP3 format that has more complex coding compared to MP2. Where MP3 dominates PCs and mobile devices, MP2 is preferred for audio broadcasting. It compresses sound on much the same principal as the MP3 format; by eliminating sounds the human ear is less likely to hear, or will not hear at all, the file size is reduced considerably while maintaining the sound quality. It supports 32 kHz, 44.1 kHz, and 48 kHZ sampling rates and bit rates ranging from 32 – 320 kbps/sec.

How do I open an MP2 file online?

MP2 files are very uncommon unless you’re involved in audio broadcasting. MP2 converts files on standards defined by the Moving Picture Experts Group, the same group that defines standards for Mp3 files. To open an MP2 file online, upload it to Jumpshare and click it to play it with the service’s native audio player.

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