What is MOV Format And How To Open It Online?

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What is MOV?

QuickTime files are saved with the MOV file extension. This format was developed by Apple and can store audio, video, and text. The format is similar to the MP4 format in terms of the data it can store however, it provides better editing options on OS X than an MP4 file format does on any operating system. MOV files use the same codec as MP4 files and it is a lossy compressed file format.

MOV files are very easy and flexible to work with if you are working in OS X but outside it, you may experience some trouble working with these files. Many users, particularly those on a Windows PC might resort to converting a MOV file to an MP4 file in order to use it more flexibly. Since MOV uses the same codec as MP4 files, they too are small in size but relatively high in quality as far as lossy compressed video files go. Despite its similarity with the MP4 format, MOV is not nearly as popular. An MOV file can be opened using Apple’s QuickTime video player which is available as a standalone download for the Windows platform as well.

How do I view an MOV file online?

Upload an MOV file to Jumpshare and click to play it. If you upload several MOV files to a folder, the thumbnail preview will let you distinguish one from the other. Navigating between different MOV files in the folder is easy with the thumbnail filmstrip at the bottom. Videos can be paused and you can jump to any position in the clip using the seek bar.

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