What is MOBI Format And How To Open It Online?

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What is MOBI And PRC?

Mobipocket eBook files have the MOBI file extension. This file format was developed in 2000 by Mobipocket SA. The company was later acquired by Amazon in 2005. Amazon later based their own proprietary AZW eBook file format on the MOBI file format. A MOBI file may sometimes have the PRC file format. PRC format was created for Palm devices because they did not support the MOBI format.

When originally developed the MOBI format was meant to work with the mobile and handheld devices such as PDAs, Symbian OS phones, Windows Mobile, Palm OS, and others. The Mobipocket application, available for all these formats as well as for desktop operating systems. The format was discontinued by Amazon in 2012 though you can still find readers that support it. A MOBI file that is not DRM protected may be opened on a Kindle eReader but if the file is DRM protected, you will need to find a program that supports MOBI. MOBI files usually have desktop or mobile apps for viewing them and if you find a MOBI file online, chances are you are going to have to download it and read it on a mobile device or a desktop device. At this point, no official MOBI reader is available for the Android platform and it is unlikely to be developed.

How do I view a MOBI or PRC file online?

To view a MOBI file online, upload it to Jumpshare. MOBI, which is based on the Open eBook Standard is recognized as an eBook format and the file viewer for this format has customization options for making reading easier. You can increase or decrease the font size and choose between one of three color themes that will change the background and text color.

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