What is MKV Format And How To Open It Online?

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What is MKV?

Matroska or MKV files as they are more popularly known are digital video files that use the MKV file extension. MKV is not a codec, it is an open source container format that can hold multiple steams of audio, video, picture, and subtitles. It can hold large files and yet compress them to a reasonable size so that they can fit on a CD, without compromising the quality of the file itself. These files support metadata, selectable streams for audio, video, and subtitles. An MKV file can also be streamed over the internet and may contain menus that you would normally see in DVDs.

The MKV format is gaining in popularity and it aims to become one of the most flexible cross-platform container formats. Since it is open source, developers are more likely to support it. A little fun fact about MKV format is that its popularity stems from anime lovers. Animes are mostly available in limited languages so users rely on subtitles for which the MKV format provides excellent support.

How do I open an MKV file online?

To open an MKV file online, upload it to Jumpshare. The video plays normally, however, the viewer does not support subtitles. The file viewer lets you pause/play the video, jump to any position in the video, view it in full screen and manage the volume.

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