What is TeX Format And How To Open It Online?

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What is TeX?

LaTex is a program that creates documents for printing and publishing. Documents created using LaTex have the TeX file extension. TeX is a typesetting language and LaTex is one of the different ‘flavors’ that it comes in. LaTex is a modified version that comes with Packages which make the language easier and more flexible to use.

TeX originally started out as a language meant to make publishing easier for mathematicians and scientists i.e. professionals who would need to enter complex equations and use symbols to represent complex data. It has since evolved to be more useful in document publishing, particularly in the academic field. Other flavors of TeX, i.e. other programs that create documents using TeX will also have the TeX file extension. When ready for publishing, these files are saved in the PDF format but the TeX file itself can be opened and read just like any other document.

How do I view a TeX file online?

If you have a TeX file that you want to read, one that the author didn’t convert to a PDF, you might be pressed for options to view the file if you don’t have a popular TeX program. This is where Jumpshare comes into play. Upload any TeX file to Jumpshare , click to view it in our  file viewer.

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