What is GSM Format And How To Open It Online?

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What is GSM?

Files with the GSM file extension are audio files. The GSM format was made for coding digital speech and was developed to work with the European Telephony system for transmitting messages over the GSM network. Today over 80 countries use GSM technology to transmit voice and data. The format has also become popular with telephone companies that use it for recording voice messages (voice mail), and conversations, and as a format used in VoIP communication.

The GSM file format can be confusing to understand because GSM is also a data transmission technology used widely in the telecom sector. This technology allows for the transmission of a diverse number of data types such as; email, SMS, fax, and more. The GSM audio file format is used to transmit audio data and may also be used by other apps for storing audio data.

How do I view a GSM file online?

GSM files are not widely supported by media players because they aren’t a commonly occurring format. If you do come across an audio file with the GSM format, your options for playing it are likely to be limited especially if you don’t want to search for and then download an obscure media player.

A much easier and quicker way to hear the GSM file would be to upload it to Jumpshare and listen to it in your browser. The GSM file player lets you jump to any position in the track and manage the volume. Moreover, Jumpshare allows you to share these GSM files with your colleagues with a bunch of sharing options.

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