What is GIF Format And How To Open It Online?

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What is GIF?

Graphics Interchange Format files use the GIF file extension. The format is reserved for raster based images and was developed by CompuServe in 1987. The format supports 8 bits per pixel, is limited to 256 color, and supports animations. It is best suited for less complex images but can be used for more complex ones as well though they will be of low quality. GIF is a lossless compressed format that’s compressed using a special technique developed by CompuServe to reduce the file size.

The correct way to pronounce GIF was debated for years until in 2013 when the creators of the file format put the debate to end saying it was always meant to be pronounced as ‘jif’. Animated GIFs are very popular online and often used as a form of expressing feelings or reactions on public forums.

GIFs do not ‘play’ if a web service is using its own file viewer to display them and the file viewer does not support the format. A very common example of this is the social network Facebook that has its own built in image viewer that does not support animated GIFs. In contrast, Twitter’s image viewer supports animated GIFs.

How Do I View GIFs Online?

To view a GIF file online, upload it to Jumpshare and click the file to view it in your browser. Jumpshare not only renders GIFs exceptionally well but also plays them smoothly. You can move between different GIFs uploaded to the same folder using the left and right arrow keys.
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