What is FLV Format And How To Open It Online?

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What is FLV?

The Flash video file format uses the FLV extension. This format was developed by Macromedia and Flash videos as one of the most common file types found online. It is the primary file format used to embed videos anywhere. YouTube is a popular example of a website that uses embedded Flash videos. Flash videos are streamed online using Adobe’s Flash Player. One major shortcoming of the Flash file format is that playing these files taxes system resources and for users viewing content on mobile device, this means a constant drain on the battery. Apple has adamantly refrained from supporting the Flash format on iOS for this very reason and Adobe has conceded that the format does indeed drain battery. Development on Flash for mobile devices has been suspended.

Flash supports many different codecs including the H.264 codec which allows different file formats to be encoded and streamed using Flash. Because of its wide usage on some of the most popular video hosting and streaming sites, FLV videos are viewable on just about any operating system. The files may use Adobe Flash Player installed on your system, or a Flash plugin installed in your browser to stream these files.

Flash videos rose to popularity by beating out RealMedia (RM) files that were at one time very popular for streaming online content. At present, Adobe Flash Player dominates online file viewing but with the evolution of browser technology and HTML5, some websites have begun moving to the HTML5 standardized file viewer and abandoning the Flash Player. YouTube provides an experimental HTML5 version that users can opt in to.

How do I view an FLV file online?

Upload an FLV file to Jumpshare and click to play it. FLV files are usually large in size and playback speed will depend on your connection. You can manage the volume and view the video in full screen view as well.

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