What is ePub Format And How To Open It Online?

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What is ePub?

EPUB is the file extension for Electronic Publication documents. These are generally ebooks that you find online or in an online store if you have an eBook reader like the Kindle Fire. Some eBook readers have their own formats but they support ePUB files as well. It is an open standard for eBooks and was developed by the International Digital Publishing Forum.

An ePub file can store metadata and supports CSS styling as well as embedding audio and video content. Playing the content is of course tied to the device that you view an ePub file on. The only downside to an ePub file is the need to have an ePub reader. This will most likely be an app or program for your desktop or your mobile device.

How do I view an ePub file online?

One easy way to view an ePub file is to view it online using a service that supports the format. This lets you view the file irrespective of the device you are using. Jumpshare supports the EPUB format; upload an EPUB file and click to start reading it.

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