What is EPS Format And How To Open It Online?

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What is EPS?

Encapsulated PostScript files are saved with the EPS extension. An EPS file is used for storing text and vector graphic image information and is the preferred format for high resolution printing. They are created using illustration programs such as Adobe Illustrator or CoralDraw. An EPS file includes a large high resolution image and a bitmap image used to preview the image in the event there is no PostScript Interpreter available to read it. The preview image is what you see when an EPS file is inserted in a Microsoft Word file or when it is printed on a printer that does not support PostScript. In both cases, the image quality will not match that of the high resolution image in the EPS file. When used with a program that supports PostScript, the image quality is excellent, moreover EPS files are resolution independent and can be stretched to any size.

A major advantage that comes with using an EPS file is that a part of the image can be broken out and used independently without any loss to the image’s quality. EPS is also the preferred format used to transfer image data between different operating systems. The most popular program used to create an EPS file is Adobe Illustrator. Adobe Photoshop can also open an EPS file however both these programs cost quite a lot.

How to open an EPS file online?

Unless you create illustrations yourself, it is highly unlikely that any program found on your Mac or Windows PC will be able to open an EPS file. The files often fail to even generate a thumbnail preview when viewed in Windows File Explorer. A quick way to view EPS files is to upload them to Jumpshare and open them in the service’s file viewer. If you have a folder full of EPS images, the thumbnail previews will make it easier to browse them.

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