What is DOCX Format And How To Open It Online?

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What is DOCX and DOC?

Microsoft Office is a suite of productivity programs that includes a word processor application; MS Word. MS Word is one of the most popular word processors available for the desktop, documents created by MS Word will have either the DOCX or DOC file extension.

Up until 2007, MS Word files all saved with the DOC file format. With MS Office 2007, the default format changed to DOCX. Both DOC and DOCX files can be created and opened with MS Word 2007 and later versions. Where the DOC format simply represents a Microsoft Word Document, the DOCX file format represents a Microsoft Word Open XML Document.

Like the name implies, the DOCX file format is an XML based format. It was introduced by Microsoft in the year 2000 and debuted as a file format option in MS Word 2002. Since its introduction, Microsoft has made efforts to standardize the XML format of its documents. Many desktop apps support the DOC format but the number of apps that support the DOCX format is far less.

How do I open a DOCX and DOC file online?

Drag and drop a DOCX or DOC file to Jumpshare to upload it. Once upload is complete, click the file to open it. You can jump to any page in the document from the navigation controls at the top and zoom in to enlarge the document. The text can be selected and copied to your clipboard. If there is a table of contents in the document, the chapter names listed in the table are clickable and they will let you jump to the respective chapter.

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