What is CSV Format And How To Open It Online?

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What is CSV?

Comma Separated Value files are plain text files with data that sorts the text into a tabular format. These files have the CSV file extension and are used to save data that is independent of applications and can easily be read by disparate applications. Rows are identified by lines; each new row will start on a new line. Columns are identified by commas or, less often by using tabs. Data is identified and arranged in an array layout using the line breaks and commas as guides.

Because CSV files are essentially just text, they can be opened with something as simple as a text editor, however the text in the file will appear as plain simple text and not sorted into rows and columns. A CSV file reader is what you need to see the data duly sorted into an array.

Spreadsheet programs like Excel and OpenOffice can read CSV files as well as create them. Many applications and services that store large amounts of data, for example an email service that saves all your contacts, will also let you export this information to a CSV file. You can then import the file to a different service that supports importing from CSV files or to devices such as a mobile phone.

How do I view a CSV file online?

Upload a CSV file to Jumpshare and click to view it. Jumpshare will present that data in the form of a table.

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