What is C Format And How To Open It Online?

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What is C?

C and C++ are both programming languages which save code written to a source file that has the C format. Other file extensions that are associated with the C and C++ source code files are CC and CPP. CPP is mostly used to save C++ files and CPP is taken to abbreviate C-plus-plus. Both these languages are well-known and fairly old but still used today. C++ is a different version of the C language that supports classes and other object oriented programming features. It was named C++ to mean an improvement on the existing C. C++ as a name is a play on the increment operator that is used in C.

Although C++ is an improved version of C, neither one has replaced the other. There are still many developers as well as many languages that borrow from C, and by extension, C++. Granted that one is the improved version of the other, there are still differences between the two; C is a procedural language while C++ is both procedural and object oriented. C does not secure data but C++ does. C uses the top-down approach whereas C++ uses the bottom-up approach.

Here is a quick reference for other file formats that C and C++ source files may use on different environments;

Unix uses: C, cc, cxx, c

GNU C++ uses: C, cc, cxx, cpp, c++

Digital Mars uses: cpp, cxx

Borland C++ uses: cpp

Watcom uses: cpp

Microsoft Visual C++ uses: cpp, cxx, cc

Metrowerks CodeWarrior uses: cpp, cp, cc, cxx, c++

How can I view a C and C++ Source file online?

Jumpshare’s file viewer supports many different code file formats including the C format that C and C++ Source files use. To view a file with the C extension online, upload it to your browser and click the file to view it . The code is read as code and not as text like it would be if you were to view the file in a text editor or directly in your browser. The file viewer also supports line counts so that you can refer to codes by line when collaborating and sharing a C file.

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