What is BMP Format And How To Open It Online?


What is BMP?

Bitmap files are saved in the BMP format. It’s a file format reserved for images only and was developed by the Microsoft Corporation. Bitmap images first made an appearance on the Windows platform but are now one of the most common image formats used to save high quality images. As it grew in popularity, support for BMP was added to both OS X and Linux operating systems.

Bitmap or BMP is a raster image format that does not support transparency and is lossless. These files are always going to be large in size compared to other image formats such as JPG, JPEG, and PNG. A normal BMP file consists of a header, a color table, and pixel data. The color table is an optional attribute of the final and may not be present in all BMP files. BMP format is used mostly by scanners or digital cameras. In digital cameras, BMP may be one of the alternate formats available if you don’t want to save your photographs in EXIF or RAW format. The special thing about BMP files is that each pixel can be edited independently.

How can I view BMP files online?

Upload the BMP file you want to view to Jumpshare and click to view it in your browser. You can upload several files to a single folder and navigate between them using the left and right arrow keys.

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