What is AZW Format And How To Open It Online?

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What is AZW?

eBooks downloaded from the Amazon online bookstore have the AZW file extension. The AZW file format is a proprietary file format based on the MOBI eBook format. It is different from MOBI in that it has better compression. This format is meant for viewing on Amazon ‘s e Readers; it applies DRM restrictions that identify with only a single device ensuring that the downloaded file can only be read on the device it was originally downloaded to. This is to prevent eBook piracy. Files that are not DRM protected can be converted to the MOBI format by simply editing the file extension.

The format was developed by Amazon to promote their eBook store alongside its eReader devices as a standard for eBooks. AZW files contain both text and image data.

How do I view an AZW file online?

An AZW file is an eBook and Jumpshare has an excellent eBook reader. Upload your file to Jumpshare and click to open it. The format is recognized as an eBook format and the file viewer can be customized to give you a better reading experience. The size of the text can be increased or decreased and the color of the text and the background can be changed to one of three different themes.

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