What is AVI Format And How To Open It Online?

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What is AVI?

Audio Video Interleaved is a video file format that saves files with the AVI extension. Several different codecs can be used to convert and save a file to this format which means that AVI files will differ from each other in terms of quality. Depending on how an AVI file has been compressed, it may either be lossy or lossless. An obvious telltale sign of the quality of an AVI file is its size; a lossless file will always be larger than average. Use the size of an MP4 file that is relatively of the same length and bitrate as a benchmark if you want a quick way to check the quality of an AVI file. These files conform to the Microsoft Windows Resource Interchange File Format specification.

AVI files can stream multiple audio and video tracks which is a quality it shares with the DVD video format. AVI files are compatible with all major operating systems; OS X, Windows, Unix, and Linux. A major shortcoming of this platform is that an aspect ratio is not encoded in them. This means users have to resize video players to get the right video size and any in-built ability in the player to do so will be rendered useless since the information simply will not exist in the file.

How do I view an AVI file online?

Upload an AVI file to Jumpshare and click to play it. In a folder with different types of files, you will be able to find your file more easily with the thumbnail preview. The volume can be managed from the player and you can use the left and right arrow keys to cycle through other AVI files in the folder.

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