What is AIFF Format And How To Open It Online?

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What is AIFF?

Audio Interchange Format is a lossless uncompressed audio format that saves files with the AIFF extension. It was developed by Apple Computers using the Interchange File Format created by Electronic Arts. AIFF format saves sound in its original uncompressed form which means the file size will be considerably large compared to an MP3. AIFF is compatible with Windows Media Player on the Windows operating system and QuickTime on OS X.

AIFF files save sound in ‘CD quality’ and closely resemble WAV files in some of their properties such as the bit rate and the sampling rate. Additionally, AIFF files supports data chunks that can store ID3 metadata and cover art. Other data that can be stored in these chunks include track numbers, author (or artist or composer), and even copyright information.

Due to the rich nature of data that an AIFF file can store it is suitable for saving high quality audio files and burning audio recordings to CDs, much like the WAV format that you will find on CDs. AIFF is mostly used for transferring audio files while preserving their quality. They are less popular than WAV files which are preferred by PC users.

How to open an AIFF file online?

Jumpshare’s file viewer supports AIFF files; drag and drop your AIFF file on to the Uploads page and once it’s uploaded, click to play it. Since AIFF is a format used to transfer audio, a file sharing option that allows users to actually hear the file that’s been shared will make sharing easier. The quality of sound is preserved and the file, when it is downloaded, will be the same raw file that you uploaded.

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