What is AAC Format And How To Open It Online?

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What is AAC?

Digital audio files created using the Advanced Audio Coding standard use the AAC file extension. The AAC file format is a lossy compressed audio file format that is generally considered to deliver higher quality sound compared to the ever popular MP3 format. AAC uses a different compression method than MP3 so the resulting file size is smaller but the audio quality is better. AAC format is the default format for many popular services and devices such as YouTube, iPhone, iPod, iPad, Nintendo DSi, Nintendo 3DS, iTunes, PlayStation 3m and more. AAC supports up to 48 audio channels and frequencies between 8 – 96 KHz.

The MP3 format gained popularity as a near-CD quality audio format that created exceptionally small files compared to those ripped from CDs making them suitable for sharing and downloading. In contrast, the AAC format gained popularity because it is widely favored by Apple and the iTunes store. Despite AAC files creating smaller and better quality audio files, more people preferred MP3. The AAC format has almost caught up to MP3 files in popularity and a great many media players will support this format.

How do I open an AAC file online?

Although AAC has grown considerably in popularity, not all media players support it and if you’re sharing an AAC format recording with someone it’s a good idea to give your recipient a way to listen to it as well. Jumpshare can play AAC files directly in the browser. Upload the AAC file you want to listen to and click to play it.

The Jumpshare file viewer for AAC file formats is basic; you can pause and play the recording, jump to any position using the seek bar, and manage the volume.

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