Introducing Jumpshare For Mac: Real-Time File Sharing From Your Desktop

Jumpshare mac menu bar app

We all spend a significant amount of time on our desktops working on various tasks. Until now there wasn’t a single all-in-one app to meet all our file sharing needs. Most users look to web services to do the task for them, some still use clunky old apps to share files from their desktop. Many apps that are available today are focused on a specific demographic, i.e, designers, photographers, etc. Today we’re launching Jumpshare for Mac, a real-time file sharing app for everyone.

Are you a programmer? Drag and drop your code on to the menu bar icon to share. Your recipient will be able to view it online.

Are you a writer? Drag and drop your book or document on to the menu bar icon to share. Your recipient will be able to read it online.

Are you a singer or podcaster? Drag and drop your song or podcast on to the menu bar icon to share. Your recipient will be able to listen to it online.

Are you a designer? Drag and drop your Photoshop file, vector, or font designs on to the menu bar icon or take screenshots to share them automatically. Again, recipients will be able to view them online.

With over 200 file formats supported for online viewing, the Jumpshare app makes file sharing a fast, beautiful and seamless experience for both sender and receiver.

Why now?

Launching the desktop app has been on our mind for over 2 years now, but making the best file viewer that supports the most number of file formats in the industry, has always been a higher priority. Now that we’ve spent years improving our backend to support over 200 file formats, it’s time we introduce the Jumpshare app for Mac.

How it works

Jumpshare Mac Share box

Simply drag and drop your files to the Jumpshare icon in the menu bar to create a folder (also called a group or share) that can be shared instantly and securely with the recipient via a link (automatically copied to clipboard), without having to wait for uploads to complete. Alternatively, you can also hold down the “Alt” key and drag and drop files to the menu bar icon to open a Share box from where you can email files to up to twenty recipients at once. The recipients can then immediately view and access the files without having to sign up for an account.

If you only have a single file to share, just drop it on to the Jumpshare icon in the menu bar to share instantly. The recipient will see the content of the file in a viewer. It’s a simple, fast, and effective way to share your files.

Apart from super fast, real-time file sharing, the app shows a thumbnail preview and views count for all files uploaded from the desktop. You can access and re-share the last five uploads. To share last uploaded files, hover the mouse over the file and you will see two options, ‘Copy link’ and ‘Share’, allowing you to copy the link to the file or folder, or email the file/folder, respectively. To share on social media, right-click any file and select Facebook or Twitter.

Jumpshare utilizes HTML5 to ensure that recipients on both desktop and mobile can view the content of the files in any browser, on any device, anywhere in the world.

With the launch of Jumpshare app for Mac OS X, we hope that sharing files will be easier and faster than ever before for you. As always, we look forward to receiving your feedback. Give it a try and leave a comment below to let us know what you think.

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Brand New Audio, Video, And Presentation Player

video player Jumpshare

Today we’re releasing a brand new audio, video, and presentation player to offer a better experience for our users and recipients alike. The new players offer a cleaner look departing from the previous designs that were heavily based on gradients and moving towards flat design. In the new audio and video players, you will now find both play time and total time of the media files. You will also find that the audio volume control is now front and center, clearly visible, making it easier to turn it up and down.

presentation player Jumpshare

The most noticeable change can be found in the presentation player where the seek bar has been replaced with next/previous and first/last slide buttons in order to make it less distracting and easier to control. The full screen mode has been improved to help you present slides easily on a large screen or a projector.

Along with these changes, we’ve also increased the output quality of images across all formats, so you will notice clearer and sharper images starting this week.

Better Quality Documents And Revamped Code Viewer

Jumpshare code viewer

Today, two updates have been pushed live; the first improves the document quality three-fold and the second brings you a completely redesigned code viewer.

The documents were optimized to open 10x faster last month. We’re are starting this month by improving the quality of images in the document, giving you the best of both worlds.

The theme of our code viewer has been changed from white to black background and we’ve added some new colors and better syntax highlighting. Now show off your code to the world!

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Improved Real-Time File Sharing!

We had real-time sharing since we launched back in February, however some of our users complained that it was often slow and they were right. During peak hours when our servers were under heavy load, real-time sharing was lagging behind anywhere from 5 to 10 seconds. Today we’re excited to announce that we’ve fixed the issue once and for all by overhauling our system architecture and implementing new technologies.

After you upload files and share the link, your recipients will see the files uploading in real-time and will be able to access them the second they’ve finished uploading. We show the progress of each file as it uploads and there isn’t a nanosecond lost between uploading and viewing. If you choose to delete a file from a folder, it will be removed from the recipients side immediately. Watch the video below to see it in action!

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Introducing – Jumpshare URL Shortener

Jumpshare short URL

By default, every file and folder in Jumpshare has 20 random characters in the URL for maximum security. By having more characters, we make it almost impossible for hackers to guess your file’s URL. However, this results in the URLs getting too long and difficult to share in situations where you are short on text space.

Today, we are introducing a new URL shorter – – which reduces the URL length by 8 characters. In other words, it doesn’t shorten the 20 random characters which are unique for each file, but the name. See example below:

Original URL (44 characters):

Shortened URL (36 characters):

The shortened URL will only get copied to clipboard when you click the “Copy Link” option. The browser will still show the original URL in the address bar. When sharing on Facebook and Twitter, Jumpshare will show the shortened URL and will automatically redirect users to the original URL.

This is the first step towards reducing the length of our URL to make it easier for sharing, we’ll be reducing it even further over the next couple of weeks.

Introducing An Interactive Font Viewer

Continuing with our promise of releasing more updates this week and our vision of moving all content to the cloud, today we’ve releasing the brand new Font Viewer – and it’s something special. Not only can you view fonts but you can also type your own text to see how it looks. Many a times there are font families instead of individual fonts that are being shared; for such cases we have provided the options to change the font family, family type, and font size from their respective drop downs provided in the font viewer box.

We’ve added complete flexibility, so now when sharing the fonts, recipients can test them to see if it’s the right font type before downloading them – all without having to sign up for an account. How awesome is that?

Jumpshare Font Viewer

Click here to view Vegur font in your browser.

To see the list of supported font formats, go here. Our goal is to make sure everybody shares and interacts with their content online right inside their web browser. Releasing the interactive eBook reader and font viewer is a step in that direction. Slowly we’ll be updating our file viewers to allow users to interact with more of their content without having to download the files and then using clunky 3rd party apps to open them.

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Introducing A Brand New eBook Reader

We ended last week with a slew of updates and promised to announce more over the coming days. Today we’re releasing a brand new eBook reader to help you share and view large eBooks quickly. The eBook Reader is integrated with the Jumpshare website, so you can upload your eBook like you would upload any file and view it online inside your browser. Just like any other file, you can share eBooks using a link, email, or post on social media websites.

The eBook reader contains a slider to increase/decrease the font size and three reading modes (themes) – paper, day, and night – as seen in the screenshots below.

Jumpshare ebook reader white

Jumpshare ebook reader night

Below, you can see an example of a zoomed in book with a large text font.

Jumpshare ebook reader zoom

We’ve added as much zoom as was possible to give everyone a comfortable reading experience especially those users who have vision impairments.

Jumpshare zoomed in ebook

To scroll up and down, use the mouse wheel, or press arrow keys in top bar. You can also, of course, use the up & down arrow keys on your keyboard.

Click here to view ‘The Art Of War’ eBook in your browser.

To see the list of eBooks formats supported, go here. We’re continually iterating and will improve it even further with more reader friendly options. If there is any feature you would like to see, let us know. More updates to follow this week. Stay tuned!

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Revamped Spreadsheet Output, Redesigned Document Controls, Image Zoom & More

What a week! We’ve revamped the spreadsheet output and document controls, added image zoom, introduced edit mode, and redesigned the menu. We’ve also squashed 37 bugs and consumed 120 cups of tea.



We’ve been supporting spreadsheets with basic output since launch. But now we have revamped the entire output – adding rows/columns heading, cells (grids), and sheets – to help you browse spreadsheets quickly. You can use the arrows on the bottom right corner to view more sheets if you have a large spreadsheet. Users can scroll both horizontally and vertically with ease. Since it’s a new implementation, we want to hear from you if you come across any bugs or bad output.

Document Controls

new document controls

Our previous document controls on the top right side of the document was not fixed. This led to many problems. When you zoomed the document, the control box moved further to the right, annoying many users. We’ve now put the document controls in a fixed bar on top, giving you more controls and ease of use. You will now also find zoom percentage and the option to reset zoom back to normal.

Image Zoom

jumpshare zoomed image

This feature was requested by designers who wanted to share designs and mockups with clients. When developing zoom functionality, we wanted to ensure that the images load as quickly as possible and at the same time making them zoomable without quality loss. We think we did a fairly good job, if you have any suggestions for further improvement, do let us know.

Edit Mode

Jumpshare Edit Mode

One of the most important option for management is “Edit”. When you click this button, it enables Edit Mode, allowing you to merge folders, delete folders, copy files, move files, and delete files. Those who use this option are often clueless how many folders or files they have selected and the total size of their selection. Starting today, you will see the Edit Mode section in the right sidebar providing this vital information.

Menu Revamp

new jumpshare menu    new JS menu

We’ve revamped the menu so that it’s easier to switch between options. The extra space also allows us to add more options in future.

Other than these changes, we will be releasing some big updates in the coming days, so stay tuned!

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