New In Jumpshare For Mac: Sketch integration + Voice clips + Favorites tab + More!

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Jumpshare for Mac 2.1.1 is out with voice clip recording, Sketch integration, a new Favorites tab, local image annotation, support for Share Sheet and AppleScript, and optimizations for OS X El Capitan. Your uploads now go to My Uploads dashboard, but you can turn it off if you wish.

Record voice clips


Introducing Voice Recording! Sometimes there is no better way to communicate than using your natural voice. You can quickly start recording a voice clip by pressing Cmd+Shift+8, or clicking on the microphone icon in the Jumpshare app.

Go ahead and sing, play a song, wish someone a happy birthday, or just leave a quick message. As usual, you will get a shareable link as soon as you stop recording.

Upload directly from Sketch

Jumpshare heart Sketch

After working with Bohemian Coding – the great people behind Sketch – we’ve introduced the single most popularly requested feature in Jumpshare for Mac. You can now directly upload your designs from Sketch by just using the Jumpshare hotkey Option+D. You’ll get a shareable link copied to your clipboard immediately. Great for getting feedback from your team and clients!

Keep your files close, your favorites closer


Mark important files as ‘Favorite’ and access them from the Favorites tab by clicking on the Star icon in the Jumpshare app. We use it to quickly access important files and folders and to share them again.

Annotate any image, not just screenshots

Annotate any image, not just screenshots

Users love our screenshot annotation tools so much, they regularly take screenshots of other images just so they can annotate and upload with Jumpshare. We’ve made it easier for you! Just right-click on any image and go to Services > Annotate with Jumpshare.

Share sheets integration

Share sheet integration

We have added support for OS X Share Sheets, so you can share files or links directly from any app that supports it. This significantly increases the number of apps Jumpshare can integrate directly with!

Uploads now go straight to your Dashboard

Previously, Desktop Uploads was the all-in-one folder for anything uploaded from the Mac app. Based on your feedback, we’ve tweaked the Mac app so that all files now go straight to your My Uploads Dashboard on the web. As a result, it is now a lot easier to find recently uploaded files, screenshots, notes, etc. Now your web, desktop and mobile (coming soon) stream will be in sync!

That’s not all though. With Jumpshare, you’re in control at all times. If you feel your dashboard is getting cluttered with too many screenshots, you have the option to upload screenshots, screencasts, notes, links and voice clips to “Desktop Uploads” folder, while general files and folders go to My Uploads dashboard.

Create powerful workflows with AppleScript

Jumpshare for Mac 2.1.1 comes with support for AppleScript! We’ve got nine scripting commands you can use to upload a file, take screenshots, record your screeen or a voice clip, or upload anything from your clipboard, etc. Adding Jumpshare to handle all your file-sharing needs in your already-existing scripts will boost your productivity even further.


If you like the new update, please consider leaving a review on the Mac App Store.

Complete changelog:

– New: Record voice clips by pressing ⌘⇧8 or clicking on the microphone icon in the app
– New: Mark important items as ‘Favorite’ to quickly access them later
– New: Share directly from Sketch using Jumpshare Hotkey
– New: Option to delete screenshots from your desktop after upload
– New: Annotate any image from your local drive
– New: Support for Share Sheet
– New: Support for AppleScript so you can use Jumpshare with your favorite apps
– New: All files will now upload to your My Uploads dashboard on
– New: Option to upload screenshots, screencasts, audio clips, notes and links to “Desktop Uploads” folder
– Fixed: Selecting text or shape position while annotating was not precise
– Fully compatible and optimized for OS X 10.11 El Capitan
– Numerous bugs, performance and stability improvements

Important Changes To Deliver A Unified File Sharing Experience


After listening to your feedback and investigating how people use Jumpshare, we discovered that over 50% of all collections only have a single file inside them. To access a single file, users had to click twice – once on the collection, and once on the file itself! With thousands of single files being uploaded daily, it led to many unnecessary clicks.

Starting today, we’re making two changes on the web:

  • All single files you upload will appear directly in My Uploads dashboard, accessible with just one click
  • Collections are now simply called Folders

This will not change how you share multiple files – when you upload two or more files from the My Uploads, a new folder will be created automatically.

The immediate benefit is you will now see more items per row, which is especially useful when using Jumpshare on smaller displays. You can also now merge, copy, move, and delete items directly from My Uploads, helping you organize your work faster. Lastly, you can mark individual files as favorites for faster access. All this was not possible before with collections.

As we prepare to launch our iPhone app, these changes will offer a unified file sharing experience across all platforms.

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P.S. We’re looking for beta testers for our iPhone app. If you’re interested in participating, please fill out this form. Only the first 100 people will be given early access.

Jumpshare for Mac 2.0 Adds Screenshot Annotation, Screencasting, Note-Taking Tools And More!

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After over a year of designing, brainstorming and rethinking our desktop file-sharing experience, we are proud to announce the second major release of Jumpshare for Mac. Version 2.0 allows you to annotate screenshots, record screencasts, and compose notes in text, markdown, or code before quickly sharing them via link or email. There are dozens of other feature additions, tweaks, and general improvements which will make your file-sharing experience better.

Jumpshare for Mac singlehandedly replaces multiple, dedicated tools for the same tasks – so you can spend less time switching between apps, and focus more on doing your creative work!

Complete Changelog v2.0.6

  • Capture and edit (annotate) screenshots
  • Capture screencasts (you can also record mouse clicks and voice)
  • Compose Note (Text, Markdown, and Code)
  • Share links (add + at the end of the URL to bypass the Jumpshare file viewer and take people directly to the link)
  • Copy direct link or images (right-click any image and select Copy Direct Link option)
  • Better file and folder upload (yes, drop multiple files and folders to the menu bar to share quickly)
  • Scroll bar so you can view 20 latest items from the popover window
  • Advanced Copy Link tab in Share box
  • Ability to choose what items to show in pop-over window (All collections or Desktop Uploads collection only, and last modified or recently created items)
  • Select viewer theme (white or black) from the Preferences
  • Option to downscale Retina screenshots
  • Option to automatically upload screenshots from desktop
  • View Advanced Stats (right-click any item and select View Stats)
  • Multiple uploads (drop as many files and we will add them in queue)
  • Auto resume uploads when waking up from sleep
  • Faster uploads
  • Better keyboard shortcuts
  • Now supports OS X 10.9 Mavericks
  • Numerous bug fixes
  • Stability and backend improvements

and a lot more…

Mark Your Important Collections As Favorite So They’re Easier To Access

When you have too many collections, some of your more important ones tend to get lost in the stream. In order to help you quickly access your important collections, we’re launching “Favorities”. Open any collection and click the Star icon next to the collection name in the header. Once you’ve marked a collection as favorite, just head back to the My Uploads dashboard and click the “Favorites” tab to view that collection. We hope this little feature will help you become more productive.

Starring Collection

You can click the Favorites tab to view the collections you’ve favorited and not worry about losing them in all the other collections. With “Favorites” you no longer have to be afraid of losing important collections in your stream.

Favorites in dashboard

For existing users who have desktop apps installed and for Jumpshare Plus users who use the Inbox feature, by default, we’re marking both “Desktop Uploads” and “Inbox” collections as favorite. This will help you quickly access them from the Favorites tab.

Smarter Thumbnails

We continue to make changes behind the scenes to improve your file sharing experience. Starting today, you will see previews of spreadsheet, code, note, markdown, eBook, font, and CAD file in the thumbnails. You could already preview these files in our file viewer, but getting a glimpse of the content by looking at the thumbnails will help you navigate better.

Happy sharing!

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New In Jumpshare: Quick Upload + Multiple Thumbnails + Redesigned Inbox

Jumpshare multiple thumbs

A big thank you to all those who’ve sent us their feedback over the past couple of weeks for Jumpshare 3.0. It was a big update and you had a lot to say. In response to your feedback, we’ve made several changes to the Jumpshare web app in order to give you a better sharing experience.

Upload takes center stage

There is no action our users perform more than uploading. Every day thousands of users upload tens of thousands of files with the intent of sharing them quickly. So we’re returning ‘Upload’ back to center stage. You can now upload your files straight from the dashboard with a click of the button. All files uploaded from the dashboard go inside a newly created collection, which is automatically named based on the number and type of files you upload (can be renamed later). You can still create a fresh new collection by clicking the drop down arrow next to the Upload button and selecting ‘New Collection’ option.

Multiple thumbnails

Now you get a sneak peak of the files inside each collection by looking at their thumbnails. We’re showing 6 thumbnails for each collection. We’re also showing 4 thumbnails for folders inside collections. We believe by allowing users to quickly glance at the files inside each collection and folder, they will be able to navigate faster, share faster, and be more productive as a result.

Redesigned Inbox

Jumpshare Plus users can receive files from anyone by sharing their unique Inbox link. We’ve made three changes to Inbox. First, we’ve redesigned the entire Inbox page so it’s easier for others to send you files. Second, you can now add custom branding to show your logo on Inbox page. Third, all files received via Inbox now go inside the collection of the same name, where the files are neatly organized by sender name.

Better management of shared files

If you visit the Shared page, you will notice that you can now remove any sharing activity. We’re making the option to remove any sharing activity available to all users. With this option, you can remove shared files that recipients have deleted from their end or any activity that you do not want to keep permanently.

What’s next?

The team is hard at work to release more updates. You will soon have the option for “List” view inside each collection, you will also be able to “Star” your important collections. Last but not least, you will be able to invite others to your collection for collaboration.

We hope you like this update. If you have any features you would like to see or have any feedback, just shoot us an email and you will hear back from us shortly.

Happy sharing!

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Introducing Jumpshare 3.0 With Collections And Nested Folders

collections blog post

Today we’re announcing Jumpshare 3.0; a version that fights the clutter on your dashboard and improves file management. We’re introducing both collections and nested folders which will have a significant impact on how you organize your files.

What Is A Collection?

A collection is a group of files and folders that you can share with anyone. Use collections to organize your work by clients, projects, events, etc. Inside each collection, you can upload an unlimited number of files, links, and folders.

Your Dashboard Looks Different Today

When you first login to your dashboard, you will see a default collection called “Previous Uploads”. This collection contains all files you uploaded prior to Jumpshare 3.0. When you upload files using the desktop apps, they will get added to “Desktop Uploads” which is another collection that is created automatically.

We recommend that you create a few collections to organize your projects. Collections can be sorted by “Recently Created” or “Last Modified”. By default, all collections are sorted by “Recently Created”. To create a new collection, click the “New” button on the sidebar.

Inside A Collection

You can upload an unlimited number of files, folders, and links to a collection. We now support folder hierarchy; if you upload a folder (containing sub-folders) we will keep the directory structure intact. You can sort items inside a collection by type, date, name, or size. The default sorting applied to files and folders inside a newly created collection is “type”.

inside collection

Sharing Collections

You can share your collections as easily as you can share the files and folders inside a collection. In the quest to make file management better, we wanted to ensure the “quick sharing” aspect was not lost.

Keeping Things In Order

Tagging still remains the best way to find files quickly by power users and with Jumpshare 3.0, we now allow users to tag both files and folders inside a collection (previously tagging was restricted to folders only). Because we’re now supporting nested folders, we’ve removed nested tags because they would have become redundant in the large scheme of things. All nested tags will be attached to their parent tags. We’ve also removed the 3 tags per item limitation; now you can apply an unlimited number of tags to any item.

tag files and folders together jumpshare

Similarly, you can now merge both files and folders into a single folder so long as they are in the same collection or in the same folder. Previously merging was limited to folders only.

Keeping Things Safe & Private

Starting today, a collection and all items inside it (folders, files, and links) will have it’s own individual lock and self-destruct options. Previously, you could only lock a folder and if you applied a lock, it applied it to all individual files inside that folder which made it hard to share certain files (which you don’t want locked). But now you can choose which folder and file to lock and then share it securely. A locked item will show a lock indicator, which means the recipient will have to enter a password to access it.

Similarly, you can now set any individual item to self-destruct. If you choose to self-destruct a collection or a folder, then all items inside it will also self-destruct.

Faster Uploads

We’ve optimized our multi-part uploading to speed up the process. When you upload a large file, we break it down into multiple parts to speed up the uploading, and when finished, we merge these parts back together. If merging parts of a 200MB file took 60 seconds before, it now takes only 1 second in Jumpshare 3.0. That’s a whooping 6000% increase in speed.

A Slew Of Enhancements

We’ve made a series of enhancements that make using Jumpshare a fantastic experience:

  • The thumbnails now show modified date instead of date of creation. The thumbs also show the actual dates for items older than “Yesterday”. Which means instead of showing the relative age of a file as “2 months ago”, we now show “Mar 16”.
  • In our file viewer, you will now see a blue outline around the selected file thumbnail at the bottom panel. Hovering over these thumbs will show you the file name in a tooltip.
  • When moving between pages, you will now see a progress bar above the header that indicates how much the page has loaded.
  • Thumbnails now show the preview of the first file inside a collection or a folder. You can sort or rearrange your files to make a certain image show up first so it appears in the thumbnail.
  • Deleting a collection requires you to check additional checkboxes to prevent accidental deletions.
  • Newly uploaded videos will now play at 480p quality, up from 360p.
  • A new navigation menu shows when you click the “<” button from a 2nd level folder and onwards.

And a ton of other enhancements made on both the front-end and back-end.

navigation back jumpshare

Desktop Apps Get Smarter

All files (including screenshots) uploaded from the Jumpshare desktop apps now go in the “Desktop Uploads” collection. Single files are no longer added to a new folder every time you upload them, thus preventing clutter and keeping things more organized.

On both the Mac and Windows apps, we show 5 recently modified items from all collections. So if you upload/modify any file inside any collection on the web, it will show up in the desktop app, thus you can access and share it easily again from the comfort of your desktop without having to visit the website.

What’s Next?

The next step is to allow you to invite others to your collection for direct collaboration. We’re also working on a list view to make browsing your files faster. Our brand new OS X app is in the final stages of development and will launch soon, followed by an iPhone app which is also under development. We’re also working on an API to allow third party developers to build apps and integrate Jumpshare in their products.

If you would like to test our upcoming features and apps before we make them public, you can join our beta testers list here.

Start Sharing!

We recommend that you create a few collections to get started with Jumpshare 3.0. We’ve put a lot of effort into this release after hearing your feedback. We hope you like it. If you have any questions or feedback, shoot us an email at and we’ll be happy to help.

Happy sharing!

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View The Best Vector Graphics And Photoshop Output Online

In a series of updates over the past days we’ve added support for markup (which was a long time coming), improved our file conversion speed, improved document output and started showing document previews in thumbs (for better navigation). Today we’re pushing an improvement to the output of both photoshop and vector images, making our output the best in industry. The improvements were made to the following formats; PSD, AI, and EPS. Below you can see the before and after comparison.

  • Before-Vector image comparison
    After-Vector image comparison
    Before Vector image comparison After

We also compared the output on various file sharing services by uploading a sample PSD to find out which one generates the best output (both in quality and colors).

File sharing PSD file output comparision

You will notice that big players in the industry fail to generate correct colors in their output. When designers want to share their files, they want to ensure the colors come out looking the same on both sides. With this update, designers have yet another reason to share their work using Jumpshare.

Happy sharing!

We’re Now Embedding Content From These 10 Websites

As part of our vision to turn Jumpshare into a platform for sharing everything, we’ve added the ability to embed content from third party sites when you use the upload link feature. When you upload a URL, we will automatically embed the content in the viewer, ready to be shared. At present, we’re supporting 10 content providers you use almost everyday; YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram, Vine, Slideshare, Scribd, Dailymotion, Soundcloud, SpeakerDeck, and Kickstarter.

The advantage of sharing content using Jumpshare is that you can add your own logo, analyze detailed statistics about your audience, set the content link to expire after certain number of views, and more.

Youtube Jumpshare embedding

The feature comes into play whenever you use the ‘Upload Link’ option from the Upload drop-down button. Likewise, upload a link from one of these ten services using the Windows or Mac desktop app, and the content will be embedded automatically when upload is complete.

This new update makes the Upload Link feature smarter and gives users a better way to share content from the leading content hosting sites. We’re looking forward to our users trying it and hearing how they like it. Let us know which content providers you would like to see support for in the future.

View complete list of content providers