Introducing The World’s First Real Time File Sharing App for iPhone

Title ImageToday, we’re delighted to introduce Jumpshare for iPhone – the world’s first real time file sharing app. You can immediately share your files with a link, or via email without waiting for uploads to finish. It also comes with a powerful file viewer, advanced sharing options, and useful tracking features which help you work smarter and be more productive on the go.

Sharing a file with Jumpshare is at least 3x faster. This is an incredible improvement over existing file sharing apps which require you to wait until files are uploaded before you can generate a shareable link.

Share Files In Real Time

Share Files in Real Time

Jumpshare is designed for instant sharing. You just open the app, select files to upload, and share them right away. There’s never any waiting involved! The real-time nature of Jumpshare makes file sharing a near-invisible component of your daily workflow, helping you remain focused on your work.

Your recipients enjoy the same seamless experience. Uploading progress from your end is shown in real-time, and files are loaded the moment they’re ready – no page refreshes required.

What’s more: after sharing files, you can smartly time your follow-ups with recipients because Jumpshare sends push notifications when they view or download your files.

View 200+ File Formats

View 200+ File FormatsFile sharing works particularly well when everyone can easily open and view files. So, delivering a powerful file viewer which goes beyond the basics was one of our biggest tasks as we developed the app, and we are proud what we have achieved!

Jumpshare can open over 200 file formats – a number unheard of in the mobile space. Everything you work with on a daily basis can be previewed flawlessly. From documents, photos and videos to code, fonts, Markdown, and Photoshop/vector files. Whether you’re using the iPhone app, or viewing shared files on mobile, or desktop, the days of installing separate apps for different file formats are over!

Bookmark Anything

Bookmark AnythingStumbled upon a funny video, or an important article? Save it for later with the Bookmark option. You can also use our link shortener to share and track how many times your link has been viewed.

What’s more: you can directly upload files you find online to your Jumpshare account. Just bookmark the file’s URL, and our servers will fetch and upload the file for you!

Advanced Sharing Options

Advanced Sharing OptionsWhen a simple link or email doesn’t cut it, you can rely on Jumpshare’s more advanced sharing options:

  • Share temporary links based on time, or number of views and downloads
  • Set files to self destruct automatically after a certain time
  • Disable downloads so recipients can only view – not save – your files
  • Lock files with a password to protect them from unauthorized access
  • And a lot more when you upgrade to Jumpshare Plus: 1TB of storage, custom branding, domain, Analytics, Inbox, and scheduled sharing

Jumpshare is the world’s first real-time file sharing app for mobile, and the last mobile file sharing app you will ever need. We’re incredibly excited about launching it today, and simply cannot wait to show you what we have in store!


Jumpshare for Windows v2.0.3: New Updater, Network Deployment Support And Major Bug Fixes

We have just released version 2.0.3 of Jumpshare for Windows. The version number may suggest a minor update, but you should know this is a major upgrade in terms of reliability. We’ve fixed a large number of bugs throughout the app, thus making for a significantly improved file sharing experience.

You’ll need to grab the latest version from our website. This is because the previous version was accidentally shipped without an automatic updater which has been fixed in version 2.0.3.

Changelog v2.0.3

  • New: A powerful new updater that will automatically download the latest version of Jumpshare, and allow you to install it on your next relaunch.
  • New: System/Network administrators can now deploy Jumpshare on all PCs in their organization.
  • Fixed: Jumpshare would crash after waking up from sleep.
  • Fixed: Users without administrative rights were unable to install Jumpshare on their PC.
  • Fixed: Sluggish installation and initial app launch
  • Fixed: Clicking on a file would open the link in Internet Explorer if the default web browser wasn’t Chrome, Firefox, or Opera.
  • Dozens of other stability improvements, as well as minor UI tweaks.

Download Jumpshare for Windows 2.0.3

Introducing The Brand New Jumpshare For Windows

brand-new-jumpshare-for-windowsWindows makes up 80% of our user base, so today we’re excited to launch the next version of Jumpshare for Windows (version 2.0) – an incredibly fast, real time file sharing app. We designed Jumpshare to be an indispensable tool in your daily workflow, allowing you to share anything quickly from the desktop. It is the ultimate file sharing app!

Instant File Sharing

instant-file-sharingDrag & drop your files and folders to the Jumpshare system tray icon and instantly get a link copied to your clipboard, ready to be shared. If you’re looking for a more personal way to share files, you can send it directly via email from within the app.

Capture Screenshots & Annotate

capture-screenshots-annotateCapturing a screenshot and annotating over it is an effective way to help users, report bugs, and highlight important issues to team and clients. Jumpshare’s built-in image annotation tool now allows you to draw, add shapes, and write text on images and screenshots before sharing.

Record Screencasts

record-screencastsSometimes screenshots are not enough. You can now record screencasts to guide users and explain your point of view, complete with audio recording and click-tracking. Screencasts can be recorded either in video format or GIF. You can choose to record a portion of the screen or the entire screen.

Compose Text, Code and Markdown

compose-text-code-and-markdownWhether it’s visuals or text – we’ve got you covered! You can instantly share plain text, Markdown, or code using the built-in text editor with syntax highlighting. Our powerful file viewer supports over three dozen programming languages, so your developer friends will appreciate it when you share snippets of code using Jumpshare.

Bookmark Anything

bookmark-anythingBookmark important websites, articles or funny cat videos you find online to view them later or to share them with friends and colleagues. The Bookmark tool also helps you upload files from 3rd party websites to your Jumpshare via a direct URL.

Share From Your Favorite Apps

jumpshare-heart-photoshop-chrome-firefoxThe Jumpshare hotkey (Ctrl+Alt+J) is a magic keyboard shortcut that allows you to quickly share your work from your favorite apps. We support three apps for now: Photoshop, Chrome and Firefox. Just hit the Jumpshare hotkey in Photoshop to upload your work and share with clients to get feedback. Using the hotkey in Chrome and Firefox will Bookmark the URL and give you a shareable link.

And More…

This is just the beginning of what Jumpshare can do. Record voice clips, check how many people have viewed your files, mark important files as favorites, share temporary links, get instant notifications when your files are viewed or downloaded, and do so much more – Jumpshare is the ultimate file sharing app!

So what are you waiting for? Download it now for free!

Download free Jumpshare for Windows

Happy New Year 2016! 🎉

Thank you for choosing Jumpshare for sharing your files. Last year, our users uploaded and shared almost 5 million files, which were viewed and downloaded an amazing 11 million times altogether!

We want to help you share your best work with your team and clients, so today, we’re releasing a document controls bar for the file viewer, with a new option to switch to fullscreen, or print the document, and the ability to view images in their original resolution without compression.

Last year, we introduced nested folders on the web, and launched an all-new, powerful Mac app. We continued adding useful features like Favorites, List view, flawless PDF output, Sketch integration, and voice clips recording.The success of our web and Mac apps have helped us grow immensely – both as a file sharing platform, and as a team.

2016 will be absolutely spectacular!

Our iPhone app is just a few weeks away from launch. We are making final preparations as I write this blog post. Within the Jumpshare team, we’ve almost completely shifted to using this app since there’s little to no need to open the web app anymore. It’s that good! Once launched, the Android app will follow soon.

A completely overhauled Windows app is right around the corner, too. It meets the excellent standard set by our Mac app, and then effortlessly goes beyond it. Everything our users love about the Mac app – lightning fast uploads, nifty annotation, screen & voice recording tools, and general, rock-solid reliability – is there, plus other features we want to keep as a surprise for now.

On top of launching these apps, we’re working on comments, and other features to help you take feedback and collaborate with your team and clients from anywhere!

We have lots of exciting things planned for 2016, and can’t wait to unveil them over the coming months. We hope Jumpshare will play an important part in helping you achieve greater success.

Happy New Year!

– The Jumpshare Team

New In Jumpshare: List view, and Incredible PDF output

These are exciting times to be a Jumpshare user!

Firstly: for a limited time, we are offering a steep 37% discount off Jumpshare Plus. This is the first time we’ve ever put Jumpshare Plus on sale! There’s incredible value to be found in this deal, especially since many powerful Plus-exclusive features are launching in the near future.

Secondly: we are introducing two popularly demanded features: List view, and pixel-perfect PDF output. We’ve carefully engineered both to ensure they live up to Jumpshare’s high standards.

List view

We designed Jumpshare to be a visual stream of your files. The current thumbnail design gives you a great bird’s eye view of your work, but it isn’t for everyone. Power users who upload minor variations of the same file focus on the names first, and thumbnail previews second. Some users simply prefer list view over thumbnail view, since that is what they use generally. That’s why starting today, you can switch to List view to move through your files faster!

List view puts filenames front and center so you can work faster as your files and their organization grows increasingly complex; compact previews are shown alongside so you can take a quick peek at your files. Simply visit your Settings page to switch to list view.

Incredible PDF output

Thanks to a complete rewrite of our PDF conversion engine, PDF documents look downright incredible in our file viewer! Fonts look beautiful, images are razor-sharp and layouts are pixel-perfect. PDFs are one of the most regularly shared files on Jumpshare, so this will improve everyone’s file sharing experience.

PDF output

Visit your Dashboard

New in Jumpshare: Favorites moves to sidebar, bigger custom logos, and more

We make a slew of improvements and release new features every month. From today onwards, we will be publishing monthly blog posts detailing all the major and minor changes we’ve made to our product.

After releasing our new Mac app, we are working towards launching powerful Windows and iPhone apps. Development is progressing at a fast clip, so expect them soon!

Meanwhile, we’ve made some improvements to the web app in the last month. Here’s what’s new:

Favorites moves to sidebar

Many of our users mark their important items as Favorites to access them quickly. At any given day, over a thousand items are marked as favorites. You can now quickly access your most important files from the new ‘Favorites’ tab in sidebar.

Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 5.34.27 PM (1)

Tip: To mark any item as favorite, right-click on it and select ‘Favorite’.

Sorting moves to header

We have updated the header to make space for sorting. Now you can quickly sort your items inside a folder from the “Sort” drop down menu. We’ve also replaced the More button with the popular ‘ooo’ icon that users recognize for contextual options.

Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 5.54.45 PM

Upload larger custom logos


Custom branding is the most popular Jumpshare Plus feature, and we’ve made it even better! You can now upload high-resolution logos that look incredible on 2K and Retina displays.

Better Analytics

Analytics in Jumpshare Plus gives you comprehensive stats on how, where, and when your files are viewed or downloaded. We’ve made two improvements to Analytics to help you make informed decisions faster. You can now instantly preview top files by clicking on the magnifying glass icon 🔍, so you always know which file is popular for any given date range.

Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 4.08.09 PM

Another improvement is when you hover over the file activity graph, you will see both views and downloads count in a single tooltip. It eliminates the need to move your mouse twice to view file activity for each day.

Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 1.29.12 PM

Download files while they’re still processing

Larger, more complex files can take a little more time to process before they can be previewed in our file viewer. We’ve tweaked our design so the recipients you’ve shared files with can download them immediately after upload completes without having to wait for the processing to finish.

Happy sharing!

How To Get Started With AppleScript Automation Using Jumpshare

Jumpshare for Mac 2.1.1 comes with support with AppleScript, allowing you to use our capable app for handling file-sharing tasks in your automation scripts. The app also comes with utilities for taking and annotating screenshots, screencasts, recording voice clips, and saving bookmarks. They are all available for use in your scripts.

In this blog post, we will show you how to start using Jumpshare in your AppleScripts.

Your first Jumpshare-powered AppleScript

Assuming you have downloaded and are using Jumpshare for Mac (if not, download from Mac App Store), open Script Editor on your Mac.

Image shows AppleScript Script Editor launch menu

Click on New Document. Type in the following:

tell application "Jumpshare"
    show window
end tell

Do not copy-paste the above-written script; type it out instead. If you copy-paste it, you may see syntax errors.

Image shows written script in Script Editor before being compiled.

Click on the Compile button (it looks like a hammer). If your script is correct, it will compile properly. Script Editor will change your script’s typeface to show it has compiled successfully.

Image shows compiled script in Script Editor.

Now click on the Play icon to execute the script! If it worked correctly, the Jumpshare app will show its window.

What’s Possible with Jumpshare + AppleScript

Jumpshare for Mac allows nine different scripting commands using AppleScript. We’ve listed them below, along with how to use them.

  • Upload a file or directory using ‘upload <filepath>‘ e.g.
    upload ((POSIX file "/Users/JumpshareKangaroo/Downloads/document.pdf") as alias)
  • Capture screen using ‘capture screenshot
  • Record screencast using ‘capture screencast
  • Compose a note (plain-text, code, or Markdown) using ‘compose
  • Bookmark a link using ‘bookmark “<URL>”
  • Record voice clip using ‘record voice clip
  • Upload anything from system clipboard using ‘upload from clipboard
  • Show Jumpshare window using ‘show window
  • Hide Jumpshare window using ‘hide window

Use these in a number of different combinations with your existing AppleScripts to make your workflows even more powerful. If you have any more suggestions for AppleScript scripting commands, please let us know in the comments section, or by emailing us at Happy scripting!


New In Jumpshare For Mac: Sketch integration + Voice clips + Favorites tab + More!

Hero screenshot@2x

Jumpshare for Mac 2.1.1 is out with voice clip recording, Sketch integration, a new Favorites tab, local image annotation, support for Share Sheet and AppleScript, and optimizations for OS X El Capitan. Your uploads now go to My Uploads dashboard, but you can turn it off if you wish.

Record voice clips


Introducing Voice Recording! Sometimes there is no better way to communicate than using your natural voice. You can quickly start recording a voice clip by pressing Cmd+Shift+8, or clicking on the microphone icon in the Jumpshare app.

Go ahead and sing, play a song, wish someone a happy birthday, or just leave a quick message. As usual, you will get a shareable link as soon as you stop recording.

Upload directly from Sketch

Jumpshare heart Sketch

After working with Bohemian Coding – the great people behind Sketch – we’ve introduced the single most popularly requested feature in Jumpshare for Mac. You can now directly upload your designs from Sketch by just using the Jumpshare hotkey Option+D. You’ll get a shareable link copied to your clipboard immediately. Great for getting feedback from your team and clients!

Keep your files close, your favorites closer


Mark important files as ‘Favorite’ and access them from the Favorites tab by clicking on the Star icon in the Jumpshare app. We use it to quickly access important files and folders and to share them again.

Annotate any image, not just screenshots

Annotate any image, not just screenshots

Users love our screenshot annotation tools so much, they regularly take screenshots of other images just so they can annotate and upload with Jumpshare. We’ve made it easier for you! Just right-click on any image and go to Services > Annotate with Jumpshare.

Share sheets integration

Share sheet integration

We have added support for OS X Share Sheets, so you can share files or links directly from any app that supports it. This significantly increases the number of apps Jumpshare can integrate directly with!

Uploads now go straight to your Dashboard

Previously, Desktop Uploads was the all-in-one folder for anything uploaded from the Mac app. Based on your feedback, we’ve tweaked the Mac app so that all files now go straight to your My Uploads Dashboard on the web. As a result, it is now a lot easier to find recently uploaded files, screenshots, notes, etc. Now your web, desktop and mobile (coming soon) stream will be in sync!

That’s not all though. With Jumpshare, you’re in control at all times. If you feel your dashboard is getting cluttered with too many screenshots, you have the option to upload screenshots, screencasts, notes, links and voice clips to “Desktop Uploads” folder, while general files and folders go to My Uploads dashboard.

Create powerful workflows with AppleScript

Jumpshare for Mac 2.1.1 comes with support for AppleScript! We’ve got nine scripting commands you can use to upload a file, take screenshots, record your screeen or a voice clip, or upload anything from your clipboard, etc. Adding Jumpshare to handle all your file-sharing needs in your already-existing scripts will boost your productivity even further.


If you like the new update, please consider leaving a review on the Mac App Store.

Complete changelog:

– New: Record voice clips by pressing ⌘⇧8 or clicking on the microphone icon in the app
– New: Mark important items as ‘Favorite’ to quickly access them later
– New: Share directly from Sketch using Jumpshare Hotkey
– New: Option to delete screenshots from your desktop after upload
– New: Annotate any image from your local drive
– New: Support for Share Sheet
– New: Support for AppleScript so you can use Jumpshare with your favorite apps
– New: All files will now upload to your My Uploads dashboard on
– New: Option to upload screenshots, screencasts, audio clips, notes and links to “Desktop Uploads” folder
– Fixed: Selecting text or shape position while annotating was not precise
– Fully compatible and optimized for OS X 10.11 El Capitan
– Numerous bugs, performance and stability improvements