Introducing Sidebar, List View And Support For Over 200 File Formats

Today we are announcing a slew of new additions to make the file sharing experience even better. But first, we would like to thank everyone who reported bugs and those who suggested improvements. Without a strong community, knowing what changes to make and finding so many bugs would not have been possible. Our thanks goes out to everyone who took their time to help us improve Jumpshare.

Sidebar & List View

The most visible change you will notice is the introduction of the right sidebar. You can now see information for files you have uploaded which includes, the date you created the folder, the date when the folder will expire, the total number of files inside this folder and the total size of the files. You also have the option to switch between Grid view (also called Icons view) and List view. Why is List view important? Because it helps you easily scroll down when there are hundreds of files.

200+ File Formats

Jumpshare now supports more than 200 file formats. Some new additions include, Adobe Illustrator format (.AI), RAW Images, XML, and many more file types. We finally got around to making a list, which many users requested. You can view the complete list here.

Bug Fixes & Improvements

In the new version of Jumpshare, you will find:

  • An image viewer that is three times faster
  • Transparent background for images without solid background colour, great for designers
  • File name in the title to make it easier to navigate when you are working in another tab
  • Fixed aspect ratio of .MP4 video format
  • True full screen mode for video
  • Fixed a bug that was redirecting users to homepage when uploads completed
  • Improved security that makes it difficult to guess auto generated URLs for files

and 30+ other bug fixes and improvements. These changes will go a long way to improve your file sharing experience.

What’s Next?

We are working hard to improve our engine that will produce a good output for documents and presentations. We are also working to support spreadsheet formats. The next milestone for us is the user accounts. We want to make sure that users are able to upload their files and access them later when required.

We are listening, if you have any suggestions, let us know. Happy sharing!


First Small Iteration Of Jumpshare, “New” Button Removed

After launching Jumpshare to the public and analyzing how everyone shares files in the past few days, we have come to the conclusion that users are not used to the concept of “New” button when sharing files. The word “New” is confusing, does it add new files or starts a new folder to share?

Originally we wanted to make sure that users are only able to open one session (folder) at a time to prevent mass file sharing by spammers. After sharing the files, users would have to open a new session by clicking the “New” button. However, it didn’t work out as we wished it would. We noticed that more and more users were clicking the “Jumpshare” logo to go back to homepage. When they clicked the “New” button, they lost access to their files, i.e, they could not add or remove files later on.

By adding a simple functionality to prevent mass file sharing by spammers, we were ruining the user experience for 99% of our user base.

Having the “New” button had the following drawbacks:

  1. Users were confused whether to click the logo or the “New” button to start over again.
  2. Users confused “New” with adding new files in folder.
  3. Users could not save the link and go back to it later to add or remove files.
  4. Users lost access to the files when they went back to homepage, closed their browser, or restarted their computer, all of which expired their session.

By doing away with the “New” button, we have fixed all of the above. Users can now save their link and go back to it later within 2 weeks (14 days) to add or remove files from their folder. The recipient with whom you shared the files will see the changes you make in real-time.

It’s a small change that will have a big impact on the way users interact with Jumpshare. I hope you all like this change, if there is anything you want us to improve or fix, please do not hesitate to let us know.


Jumpshare Launched!

After more than a year of development and countless iterations, it’s finally here. This post marks the beginning of Jumpshare’s launch to the public. Many of you know me as the founder of popular tech blog AddictiveTips, who left the editorial position in 2011. Some wondered why I chose to go into the file sharing space. It is a risky market, where one has to remain competitive and also pay huge hosting costs; think about huge operation costs; web servers, conversion servers, storage servers, bandwidth, and finally scaling it all. Out of all the promising ideas, I chose the riskiest one because I strongly believe that the services that exist today are not enough to truly make the pain of file sharing go away.