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Introducing – Jumpshare URL Shortener

Jumpshare short URL

By default, every file and folder in Jumpshare has 20 random characters in the URL for maximum security. By having more characters, we make it almost impossible for hackers to guess your file’s URL. However, this results in the URLs getting too long and difficult to share in situations where you are short on text space.

Today, we are introducing a new URL shorter – – which reduces the URL length by 8 characters. In other words, it doesn’t shorten the 20 random characters which are unique for each file, but the name. See example below:

Original URL (44 characters):

Shortened URL (36 characters):

The shortened URL will only get copied to clipboard when you click the “Copy Link” option. The browser will still show the original URL in the address bar. When sharing on Facebook and Twitter, Jumpshare will show the shortened URL and will automatically redirect users to the original URL.

This is the first step towards reducing the length of our URL to make it easier for sharing, we’ll be reducing it even further over the next couple of weeks.

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Introducing An Interactive Font Viewer

Continuing with our promise of releasing more updates this week and our vision of moving all content to the cloud, today we’ve releasing the brand new Font Viewer – and it’s something special. Not only can you view fonts but you can also type your own text to see how it looks. Many a times there are font families instead of individual fonts that are being shared; for such cases we have provided the options to change the font family, family type, and font size from their respective drop downs provided in the font viewer box.

We’ve added complete flexibility, so now when sharing the fonts, recipients can test them to see if it’s the right font type before downloading them – all without having to sign up for an account. How awesome is that?

Jumpshare Font Viewer

Click here to view Vegur font in your browser.

To see the list of supported font formats, go here. Our goal is to make sure everybody shares and interacts with their content online right inside their web browser. Releasing the interactive eBook reader and font viewer is a step in that direction. Slowly we’ll be updating our file viewers to allow users to interact with more of their content without having to download the files and then using clunky 3rd party apps to open them.

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Introducing A Brand New eBook Reader

We ended last week with a slew of updates and promised to announce more over the coming days. Today we’re releasing a brand new eBook reader to help you share and view large eBooks quickly. The eBook Reader is integrated with the Jumpshare website, so you can upload your eBook like you would upload any file and view it online inside your browser. Just like any other file, you can share eBooks using a link, email, or post on social media websites.

The eBook reader contains a slider to increase/decrease the font size and three reading modes (themes) – paper, day, and night – as seen in the screenshots below.

Jumpshare ebook reader white

Jumpshare ebook reader night

Below, you can see an example of a zoomed in book with a large text font.

Jumpshare ebook reader zoom

We’ve added as much zoom as was possible to give everyone a comfortable reading experience especially those users who have vision impairments.

Jumpshare zoomed in ebook

To scroll up and down, use the mouse wheel, or press arrow keys in top bar. You can also, of course, use the up & down arrow keys on your keyboard.

Click here to view ‘The Art Of War’ eBook in your browser.

To see the list of eBooks formats supported, go here. We’re continually iterating and will improve it even further with more reader friendly options. If there is any feature you would like to see, let us know. More updates to follow this week. Stay tuned!

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Revamped Spreadsheet Output, Redesigned Document Controls, Image Zoom & More

What a week! We’ve revamped the spreadsheet output and document controls, added image zoom, introduced edit mode, and redesigned the menu. We’ve also squashed 37 bugs and consumed 120 cups of tea.



We’ve been supporting spreadsheets with basic output since launch. But now we have revamped the entire output – adding rows/columns heading, cells (grids), and sheets – to help you browse spreadsheets quickly. You can use the arrows on the bottom right corner to view more sheets if you have a large spreadsheet. Users can scroll both horizontally and vertically with ease. Since it’s a new implementation, we want to hear from you if you come across any bugs or bad output.

Document Controls

new document controls

Our previous document controls on the top right side of the document was not fixed. This led to many problems. When you zoomed the document, the control box moved further to the right, annoying many users. We’ve now put the document controls in a fixed bar on top, giving you more controls and ease of use. You will now also find zoom percentage and the option to reset zoom back to normal.

Image Zoom

jumpshare zoomed image

This feature was requested by designers who wanted to share designs and mockups with clients. When developing zoom functionality, we wanted to ensure that the images load as quickly as possible and at the same time making them zoomable without quality loss. We think we did a fairly good job, if you have any suggestions for further improvement, do let us know.

Edit Mode

Jumpshare Edit Mode

One of the most important option for management is “Edit”. When you click this button, it enables Edit Mode, allowing you to merge folders, delete folders, copy files, move files, and delete files. Those who use this option are often clueless how many folders or files they have selected and the total size of their selection. Starting today, you will see the Edit Mode section in the right sidebar providing this vital information.

Menu Revamp

new jumpshare menu    new JS menu

We’ve revamped the menu so that it’s easier to switch between options. The extra space also allows us to add more options in future.

Other than these changes, we will be releasing some big updates in the coming days, so stay tuned!

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Jumpshare Now Supports Video Buffering And More

It’s been a busy few weeks at Jumpshare. We’ve added a slew of new stuff, improved performance and fixed many bugs. You will now find that Jumpshare is faster and more responsive. Below we’ve listed some of the most visible changes, followed by smaller changes.

Video and Audio Buffering

Jumpshare video buffering

Starting today, you will see buffering in both videos and audio files. Buffering helps inform users how much of the content has loaded, it’s a great way to navigate to any part of the audio or video clip and helps those who are on slower internet connection get a better streaming experience. Buffering is only supported in browsers which are fully HTML 5 compatible. These are Chrome, Safari and Internet Explorer 10. Unfortunately, since Firefox uses Flash for videos, buffering is not yet supported on this browser, but we’re working on a solution for this.

New Activity Icon

New Activity Icon Jumpshare

One of the first things you will notice on logging in is the brand new activity icon. This icon is part of a bigger plan. Hint: Desktop app. Stay tuned!

10x Faster Image and Document Viewer

Opening and closing the content viewer just got faster. Not only that, you can now navigate between images and load documents 10x faster, thanks to the special compression technique and minimizing HTML and CSS that reduces the load time.

Updated Panel UI

Updated Panel UI

We’ve made small changes to the design of Panel UI to simplify it further and make it visually appealing. This change includes adding a small border around the images to make them stand out and simplifying the Cog Wheel icon.

Converting & Loading…

All content uploaded to Jumpshare is first converted and then optimized for online viewing. To make it easier for users to know which of their files are converting and which are loading, we’ve added two new messages inside the file viewer; Converting and Loading.

Miscellaneous Changes

  • Deployed CDN
  • Utilized Browser Caching
  • Clicking “View All” in Activity pop-down box will take users to General Activity page
  • Fixed Facebook Sharing
  • Fixed Scroll bar in document viewer
  • Rename folder by clicking on its name when inside that folder
  • All action buttons are now on the right side in all pop up boxes
  • Users will see new photos/videos in the navigation strip of the viewer as they upload
  • Play/Pause videos by clicking anywhere inside the video frame

Apart from the above changes, you will notice more stability thanks to the countless bugs that we have fixed. We love to hear feedback from our users, so if there is anything, feel free to shoot us an email. Go ahead and take it for a spin. Visit Jumpshare!


Share Once And Forget, We’ll Take Care Of The Rest

We’ve made a small update to the way recipients are notified when files are shared with them. Before if you shared a folder with someone, the recipient got an email, and when you added more files to the shared folder, there was no way for the recipient to know that you have updated the folder.

Starting today, you only have to share the folder once and if you add more files to the shared folder, we will let the recipients know that you have updated the folder with more files. There is absolutely no extra work or actions that you need to perform – everything is automated!

If the recipient has a Jumpshare account, this is what he/she will see in the activity.

add more files to folder activity

And this is what the email looks like.

added more files email

Happy sharing!

File Output Web

Rolling Out iOS Optimized File Viewer And Other Improvements

We’ve been busy for the past few weeks fixing numerous bugs and improving our core functionality while also developing exciting new features (more about that in future blog posts). So what were we up to? Here’s the list of changes you will notice in Jumpshare.

Note: We have only listed the most visible changes/improvements in Jumpshare below, we fixed hundreds of backend issues, improved our service etc., which will (obviously) not be noticeable to our users.

iOS Optimized File Viewer

File Viewer Web, iPhone, iPad

As we continue to optimize our service for smartphones and tablets, we want to make sure that the file viewing experience remains top class. If you viewed shared photos on your iPhone or iPad, there was one major issue; you could not swipe left or right to explore more photos. Today, that is no longer an issue. Reading a document? You can now scroll up and down just like native PDF viewer in iOS.

Please note that the photos swipe feature works flawlessly on iOS and some Android devices. It does not work on Windows Phone and Microsoft Surface. We are working to make it compatible with all smartphones and tablets.

Sharing Files

Share files Jumpshare

As most of you are already aware, you can share files with up to 20 recipients at a time. To make it easier, now you can copy & paste multiple email addresses separated by commas and they will be turned into proper formatted input in the “To” field. Also instead of increasing the height of “To” field to multiple lines, we have fixed it to three, so you will now see a scroll bar appearing when you share files with a large number of recipients.

No Preview Available

No Preview Available Jumpshare

We’re doing our best to ensure that over 200 file formats can be viewed online instantly across all devices. However, sometimes, on rare occasions, some files fail to convert. This can be due to numerous reasons; large file sizes, unsupported file formats, and under-optimization at our end. As always, we are constantly improving our file viewer to ensure all types of files, irrespective of their format and/or size, can be viewed online. To better inform our users, starting today, you will be seeing a “No Preview Available” message right inside the file viewer when a file fails to convert due to above mentioned reasons.

CSV Spreadsheet Output

View CSV Online Jumpshare

When we introduced support for Spreadsheets, one of the problems our users constantly faced was that large CSV files were failing to convert. We have fixed this issue and made it even more reliable; so much so that now, you can preview large CSV files within seconds. The conversion of CSV is faster than Excel (XLS/XLSX).

Internet Explorer

While we like Internet Explorer 10, we dread older versions of the browser. However, we have no choice but to work on them because they still command a good chunk of browser market share. We spent a week on numerous fixes for both Internet Explorer 8 and 9. If you could not perform a certain task or could not preview files in the past, you will no longer face such issues starting today.

Code & Text Encoding

We improved the encoding of both code and text files. It’s even more reliable than before.

Smarter Buttons

Import box Jumpshare

Downloading, Copying, Moving, Merging, Importing and Deleting files are some common actions our users perform every day. Previously, when they clicked any of the respective buttons, there was no way to inform them that the action had been performed, which resulted in some users pressing the buttons multiple times, triggering multiple actions. For example, in the case of Importing files, if you clicked the “Import” button two times, it imported the file twice. This is no longer an issue now since we show users that the action has been performed and prevent them from repeating it.

These are some of the visible changes you will see in Jumpshare this week. Happy sharing!

File Output Web

Better Video Conversion, Support For More Audio Formats and Improved Text Output

Text output

We made some improvements to our video, audio, and text output. You will now see faster conversion and better output than before. Some videos and audio formats failed to convert, we have fixed that issue. You can see the complete changelog below.



  • Fixes to support most handheld devices’ encoded videos
  • More reliable avi and mp4 conversion.
  • Improved audio conversions, bug fixes and added two new audio formats 3ga and ac3.


  • Improved output and text formatting (see screenshot above).

We are continually improving our conversion engine and output. If you see a bad output or simply a file failing to convert, let us know.