Share Once And Forget, We’ll Take Care Of The Rest

We’ve made a small update to the way recipients are notified when files are shared with them. Before if you shared a folder with someone, the recipient got an email, and when you added more files to the shared folder, there was no way for the recipient to know that you have updated the folder.

Starting today, you only have to share the folder once and if you add more files to the shared folder, we will let the recipients know that you have updated the folder with more files. There is absolutely no extra work or actions that you need to perform – everything is automated!

If the recipient has a Jumpshare account, this is what he/she will see in the activity.

add more files to folder activity

And this is what the email looks like.

added more files email

Happy sharing!

File Output Web

Rolling Out iOS Optimized File Viewer And Other Improvements

We’ve been busy for the past few weeks fixing numerous bugs and improving our core functionality while also developing exciting new features (more about that in future blog posts). So what were we up to? Here’s the list of changes you will notice in Jumpshare.

Note: We have only listed the most visible changes/improvements in Jumpshare below, we fixed hundreds of backend issues, improved our service etc., which will (obviously) not be noticeable to our users.

iOS Optimized File Viewer

File Viewer Web, iPhone, iPad

As we continue to optimize our service for smartphones and tablets, we want to make sure that the file viewing experience remains top class. If you viewed shared photos on your iPhone or iPad, there was one major issue; you could not swipe left or right to explore more photos. Today, that is no longer an issue. Reading a document? You can now scroll up and down just like native PDF viewer in iOS.

Please note that the photos swipe feature works flawlessly on iOS and some Android devices. It does not work on Windows Phone and Microsoft Surface. We are working to make it compatible with all smartphones and tablets.

Sharing Files

Share files Jumpshare

As most of you are already aware, you can share files with up to 20 recipients at a time. To make it easier, now you can copy & paste multiple email addresses separated by commas and they will be turned into proper formatted input in the “To” field. Also instead of increasing the height of “To” field to multiple lines, we have fixed it to three, so you will now see a scroll bar appearing when you share files with a large number of recipients.

No Preview Available

No Preview Available Jumpshare

We’re doing our best to ensure that over 200 file formats can be viewed online instantly across all devices. However, sometimes, on rare occasions, some files fail to convert. This can be due to numerous reasons; large file sizes, unsupported file formats, and under-optimization at our end. As always, we are constantly improving our file viewer to ensure all types of files, irrespective of their format and/or size, can be viewed online. To better inform our users, starting today, you will be seeing a “No Preview Available” message right inside the file viewer when a file fails to convert due to above mentioned reasons.

CSV Spreadsheet Output

View CSV Online Jumpshare

When we introduced support for Spreadsheets, one of the problems our users constantly faced was that large CSV files were failing to convert. We have fixed this issue and made it even more reliable; so much so that now, you can preview large CSV files within seconds. The conversion of CSV is faster than Excel (XLS/XLSX).

Internet Explorer

While we like Internet Explorer 10, we dread older versions of the browser. However, we have no choice but to work on them because they still command a good chunk of browser market share. We spent a week on numerous fixes for both Internet Explorer 8 and 9. If you could not perform a certain task or could not preview files in the past, you will no longer face such issues starting today.

Code & Text Encoding

We improved the encoding of both code and text files. It’s even more reliable than before.

Smarter Buttons

Import box Jumpshare

Downloading, Copying, Moving, Merging, Importing and Deleting files are some common actions our users perform every day. Previously, when they clicked any of the respective buttons, there was no way to inform them that the action had been performed, which resulted in some users pressing the buttons multiple times, triggering multiple actions. For example, in the case of Importing files, if you clicked the “Import” button two times, it imported the file twice. This is no longer an issue now since we show users that the action has been performed and prevent them from repeating it.

These are some of the visible changes you will see in Jumpshare this week. Happy sharing!

File Output Web

Better Video Conversion, Support For More Audio Formats and Improved Text Output

Text output

We made some improvements to our video, audio, and text output. You will now see faster conversion and better output than before. Some videos and audio formats failed to convert, we have fixed that issue. You can see the complete changelog below.



  • Fixes to support most handheld devices’ encoded videos
  • More reliable avi and mp4 conversion.
  • Improved audio conversions, bug fixes and added two new audio formats 3ga and ac3.


  • Improved output and text formatting (see screenshot above).

We are continually improving our conversion engine and output. If you see a bad output or simply a file failing to convert, let us know.


Your Documents and Presentations’ Output Is Now Pixel Perfect

Since launching in September, 2012, our users complained about the jerky and iffy output of their documents; MS Word, Pages, and PDF document. Because the same engine is utilized to convert the presentations, the output of Powerpoint presentations had been equally unimpressive. After spending countless hours coding, revising, testing and sweating blood and tears, today we are happy to announce that the output of our document and presentation viewer is perfect down to the last pixel. Below we have made some Before and After comparison to show you how much the output quality has improved. Scroll down to take a quick glance.


Old 04


New 04


Old 03


New 03


Old 01


New 01


Old 02


New 02

We are constantly striving for the highest quality of our file viewers and will not stop until we have achieved the best output. We are improving our engine routinely so if you come across any bad output or bugs, please don’t hesitate to report it ( We will be more than happy to fix any problems you encounter and to ensure that you get the best possible file sharing experience.

Converting a document is a complex task and a multi-part procedure. We achieved this result by using both our technology and the open source pdf2htmlEX (for PDF to HTML conversions). Many users can experience the native PDF viewer in Chrome and Firefox browsers, however many more who are using Internet Explorer, Opera, and other browsers are not able to preview it. With Jumpshare, everyone, irrespective of the browser they are using, will be able to enjoy the pixel perfect output of Word, PDF, Pages documents and Powerpoint presentations. Did we mention that we support OpenOffice docs too?

Go ahead and upload some docs. Let us know how you like it in the comments below.


Share Your Files On Facebook And Twitter

Jumpshare Share Web

Starting today, you will notice a small but significant change when sharing files and folders on Jumpshare; the Email button has been replaced with a richer Share button. Two new options for sharing have now been added; Facebook and Twitter, allowing you to share the files quickly with your family and friends. For those of you who stay connected with their friends through Facebook and Twitter, this means sharing to those networks is now possible. Instead of manually copying and pasting links, you can share directly to these social networks.

Happy Sharing!


Now You Can Import Files Shared With You To Your Account

Jumpshare Import

We know how irksome it is to not be able to download files shared with you, either because your connection is slow or because your ISP has a bandwidth cap. We are also aware that many of you want to download files only to upload them again to your own account for safekeeping or to share them with your friends. Today we are introducing the Import feature to solve these problems. Just click Import on a folder or file shared with you and it will be added to your account instantly. If you are traveling and want to immediately save the files to access them later (either because you are busy or don’t have a fast internet connection), Import will come very handy.

You have the ability to Import the entire shared folder or individual files. To import the entire folder, just click Import button and confirm the action (see screenshot above). To import an individual file, hover your mouse over that file, click the Cog wheel icon and in the drop down, click Import. In the next step, specify which folder you want to import your files to. If you don’t want to import the file into any existing folder, you also have a choice to create a new folder.

Jumpshare Import Files

You can test this feature here. We hope you like it. Want more features or have a bug to report? Let us know. We’re listening. Happy sharing!


Share Files Without An Account, Just Drag & Drop Them On Homepage

Today, we’re adding the functionality to share files without having to create an account, back to Jumpshare. You can drag & drop your files on to the home page (or hover over the dotted box to click) and share them. There are only two limitations; the total size of files you share at one time cannot exceed more than 250 MB and the files will be deleted automatically after 7 days.

To overcome these limitations, you will have to create an account, which is free and does not take more than a few seconds to create.

Along with this major update, we have also fixed plenty of bugs under the hood. Our thanks goes out to every one of you who reported the bugs. If you come across any bugs or want new features, hit our Forum or email us at

Happy sharing!


Welcome To The Brand New Jumpshare!


Today, we are psyched to announce the availability of the new Jumpshare to the public. Since launching in September, 2012, we’ve been working to improve the core technology behind Jumpshare. Our users have provided us invaluable feedback, they’ve loved our file viewer, and played an integral role in the development we’ve done these past four months.

Today, we’re updating with a brand new design that we developed to keep things neat and simple. You will notice is that unlike other file sharing services, we do not have a deep folder hierarchy; Jumpshare follows a directory structure of depth 1. This is to ensure that the users can have a quick glance at their folders, organize them, and share the files easily. Everything from the ground up has been designed for simplicity, efficiency, and speed. We have done our level best to prevent anything from interfering with the core “File Sharing” experience.

As always, we’d like explain the new features. Since there are hundreds of changes, we are listing the 10 major features and changes that you will notice after signing up.

1. User Account

User Accounts was one of the most requested feature by our users. You can now create a free account. We removed the auto-expire so your file will remain in your account as long as you want them to. You will be able to keep track of your files and organize them into folders.

Once you have created an account, you can drag & drop files or manually upload them with a click. It’s faster than before.


We have implemented HTTPS and your files are encrypted using AES-256 standard. You can trust on us to protect your information and provide a secure file sharing environment.

3. Smart Folders

When you upload files, the folders are automatically created and named based on the number and type of files. New folders show on top so they are easily accessible.

4. File and Folder renaming

We name the folders automatically for you but you have the ability to rename both the folders and file names. Just click the Pencil icon, type a new name, and hit Enter. It’s that easy!

5. File viewer just got more powerful

The file viewer is now 3x faster than before. Images are loaded instantly and we now support the ability to preview Spreadsheets. We have also improved the output of numerous formats. You can now preview documents and presentations with better output. The work is still ongoing and you can expect the output to be perfected in a few weeks.

6. Email

To share a file or folder, one of the quickest ways is to email the files. You will notice that the “From” field is missing. This is because we automatically use your first & last name (which you provided on Sign Up) to tell your recipients who the files are from. If you email a fellow Jumpshare user, you will see suggestions with their name in it, the next time you decide to share with them. You can email files or folders to up to 20 recipient in one go.

7. Edit Mode

Want to perform actions in bulk? With Edit mode, you can merge multiple folders and also delete them. You can copy, move, and delete files with no more than a few clicks. We have kept the features of Edit functions separate so that they do not interfere with the core “File sharing” experienc

8. Activity


All activities, from uploading files to sharing them can be seen on the activity page. If another Jumpshare user shares a file with you, you can see that in the activity too, making it easier to keep track of the shared files and folders.

9. Improved Real time sharing

One of our strength is the ability to share files instantly without having to wait. We have improved the real time sharing, making it faster than before. Here’s how real time sharing works. While your files are uploading, you can copy the link and share it with your friends, they will see the files being uploaded in real time and will be able to access the files once they upload. You can also email the files and they will be sent automatically when the upload completes.

10. Views count

You will find the number of times someone has viewed your files and also the total number of files viewed in a folder. This will help you determine which of your files are more popular than others.

You will find plenty of other features but we don’t want to ruin the surprise for you. Go ahead and Sign Up for a free account.

We’ve kept things as simple as possible but if you’re having trouble figuring things out, visit our Help Center.

Jumpshare is still new so we’d love to hear what you think of it. If you have any questions, comments, or feature requests, let us know.

Lastly, we’ve hired some great new developers to help us make Jumpshare more awesome, so expect some interesting new features soon!