Jumpshare For Windows v1.1: Email Suggestions, Advanced Options, HTTP Proxy, Command Line And More


Jumpshare for Windows v1.1.6 is out! This update is special for a simple reason; the features we’ve incorporated and the improvements that have been made are largely based on the feedback we received from our users. Not only are we looking at a more stable app, but also one that lets users share files exactly how they want to.

The list of new features and improvements is large. Check out the complete list of changes below.

What’s New in v 1.1.6

New Features: 

  • Sync Jumpshare Address Book. Email suggestions show up automatically in Share box
  • Rename files and folders
  • Hold Ctrl key and click Jumpshare icon to enable/disable screenshot auto-upload functionality
  • Advanced Options in Share box (for Plus users)
  • Enable/disable URL Shortener from Settings
  • Option to toggle ‘Save to Desktop’ for screenshots
  • HTTP Proxy Settings to run app behind corporate proxy
  • Added support for uploading via Command-line interface

Bug fixes and improvements:

  • App will now work with email addresses that have 2-20 character domain suffixes
  • Fixed handling for deleting a single entry in file list multiple times
  • Added check and message for locked file
  • Improved uploading mechanism to use less memory
  • Updated code for server reachability check
  • Updated code for copying text to clipboard
  • Removed lag caused by downloading bucket thumbnail images
  • Improved authentication flow with regards to internet connectivity
  • Fixed blurry info icon in preferences
  • Press Esc key to cancel taking screenshot
  • Text and image drop functionality on system tray added
  • Improved UI responsiveness
  • Fixed UI to remove dot/circle that used to appear on app startup
  • User will not be able to delete files that are queued for upload
  • App update will now be checked after internet is available
  • Fixed URL Shortener enable and disable issue
  • Added shell extension deployment structure
  • Added ability to delete a bucket that is stuck in Processing state
  • Resolved issue with special characters handling in User name, emails and passwords
  • Updated/Fixed tooltip icon for various notification messages

You can grab the latest version by following the link below. If you already have the app installed, it will automatically update to the latest version but you will be required to restart it to apply the update.

Download Jumpshare for Windows


Introducing Jumpshare for Windows


You’ve come to know Jumpshare as the file sharing service that lets you view over 200 file formats online. Up until today, our service and our sophisticated file rendering engine worked exclusively from your browser but we understand that file sharing doesn’t end when you close your browser. Today, we’re thrilled to launch the Jumpshare app for Windows. The easiest way to describe the app is that it lets you share anything; your files, screenshots, and even text copied to your clipboard.  You can capture screenshots with a quick keyboard shortcut and create notes from text copied to your clipboard. We’ve incorporated everything into the app while keeping the user interface dead-simple and easy to use.

The Jumpshare app comes with the same set of sharing options that you will find on our website. You can copy link of files to clipboard, share files via email, and share on social media. There’s no need for an email client, or even for a web browser. Lastly our Plus features – Schedule file sharing, locking files with a password, and setting self-destruct for files – have been incorporated in the app.


Once you’ve dropped the file(s) to the Jumpshare icon in the system tray, it will automatically copy the link to the file or folder (if you’ve dropped multiple files) to clipboard, ready to be shared. If you want to send files via email or post to Facebook/Twitter, hold down the Alt key and drop the files on to the Jumpshare app. The Share box will pop open and you can choose how you want to share the files.


Jumpshare supports a host of keyboard shortcuts allowing you to upload files and share them faster. The two default shortcut keys Ctrl+Alt+C and Ctrl+Alt+S let you Upload and copy link to clipboard, and Upload and share via email, respectively. Jumpshare supports the following four hotkeys, and every one of them is customizable;

  • Upload from Clipboard (Ctrl+Alt+U)
  • Take Screenshot (Shift+PrintScreen)
  • Upload and Copy Link to clipboard (Ctrl+Alt+C)
  • Upload and Share via email (Ctrl+Alt+S)


The app does a lot of other neat things that you’ll discover as you use it. Just some of the features we’ve added to make the experience all the easier is showing a list of five recent uploads, a quick count badge that shows you how many times a file has been viewed, and much more.

Click the Jumpshare icon in the system tray to view the list of recent uploads. When you hover the mouse cursor over any folder, all files in it are previewed one-by-one. Right-click to view more options related to an upload.

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Apart from being a great way to share files from your desktop, the app also alerts you when another Jumpshare user shares files with you. Thus allowing team members to quickly send/receive files and collaborate with each other. The Jumpshare window also shows alerts that you’ve missed as a badge count over the activity icon.

It’s worth mentioning here that the app is not a replacement for your backup tools, it’s only the smartest way to share files from your desktop. Grab the app and let us know how you like it.

Download Jumpshare for Windows