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Holiday Update: Unlimited Screen Recording, New Real Time Engine, and More

Today we’re thrilled to introduce the new features and improvements we’ve been working on over the past few months – we’re calling it the Holiday Update. This update will make sharing even better for you across all apps.

Brand New Real-Time Engine

The first thing you’ll notice is how fast the files update on all apps and platforms. We’ve completely rewritten our real-time engine from scratch to make it more powerful.

This brand new real-time engine now powers all our apps. Not only will you see your latest uploads appear in real time on all platforms, but views count, newer versions of files that have been updated, comments, and notifications will update concurrently.

Mac Windows

Windows and Mac Apps Get A Major Update, Support For Upcoming Business Plan

Ladies and gentlemen, we have updates for both Windows and Mac apps!

The new versions come with a brand new on-boarding experience for new users, a revamped lightweight screen recording tool that has additional options to cancel recording, improvements to screenshot annotation, and a slew of new features, bug fixes, performance optimisations and UI changes to help you work even faster.

Jumpshare Plus Mac Web Windows

Introducing Version History


Jumpshare is used by thousands of professionals spread across diverse industries to quickly share files and collaborate with their teams and clients. Part of the collaboration process is to take the project from concept to completion. This means making hundreds of revisions to a file before it reaches the final result.

This is why today we’re excited to announce the launch of Version History to help everyone work even better. You can now upload a newer version of the file without breaking the share link. This is a great way to quickly update your work and ask your clients to review it without having to repeatedly share the files.


Jumpshare Gets GIF Recording, Version History, macOS Sierra Support & More

jumpshare-osx-final all icons v2

We’re excited to release the next version of Jumpshare v2.2 for Mac to the general public. This release adds support for macOS Sierra and comes with a slew of new features, including GIF Recording, Version History, and new Annotation tools.

GIF Recording

GIF is one of the fastest growing image format that is used virtually everywhere. Now you can save your screen recordings as a GIF. It’s great for creating a quick demonstration of your idea, reporting an issue, and everything else in between.


How To Get Started With AppleScript Automation Using Jumpshare

Jumpshare for Mac 2.1.1 comes with support with AppleScript, allowing you to use our capable app for handling file-sharing tasks in your automation scripts. The app also comes with utilities for taking and annotating screenshots, screencasts, recording voice clips, and saving bookmarks. They are all available for use in your scripts.

In this blog post, we will show you how to start using Jumpshare in your AppleScripts.

Your first Jumpshare-powered AppleScript

Assuming you have downloaded and are using Jumpshare for Mac (if not, download from Mac App Store), open Script Editor on your Mac.

Image shows AppleScript Script Editor launch menu

Click on New Document. Type in the following:

tell application "Jumpshare"
    show window
end tell

Do not copy-paste the above-written script; type it out instead. If you copy-paste it, you may see syntax errors.

Image shows written script in Script Editor before being compiled.

Click on the Compile button (it looks like a hammer). If your script is correct, it will compile properly. Script Editor will change your script’s typeface to show it has compiled successfully.

Image shows compiled script in Script Editor.

Now click on the Play icon to execute the script! If it worked correctly, the Jumpshare app will show its window.

What’s Possible with Jumpshare + AppleScript

Jumpshare for Mac allows nine different scripting commands using AppleScript. We’ve listed them below, along with how to use them.

  • Upload a file or directory using ‘upload <filepath>‘ e.g.
    upload ((POSIX file "/Users/JumpshareKangaroo/Downloads/document.pdf") as alias)
  • Capture screen using ‘capture screenshot
  • Record screencast using ‘capture screencast
  • Compose a note (plain-text, code, or Markdown) using ‘compose
  • Bookmark a link using ‘bookmark “<URL>”
  • Record voice clip using ‘record voice clip
  • Upload anything from system clipboard using ‘upload from clipboard
  • Show Jumpshare window using ‘show window
  • Hide Jumpshare window using ‘hide window

Use these in a number of different combinations with your existing AppleScripts to make your workflows even more powerful. If you have any more suggestions for AppleScript scripting commands, please let us know in the comments section, or by emailing us at Happy scripting!



New In Jumpshare For Mac: Sketch integration + Voice clips + Favorites tab + More!

Hero screenshot@2x

Jumpshare for Mac 2.1.1 is out with voice clip recording, Sketch integration, a new Favorites tab, local image annotation, support for Share Sheet and AppleScript, and optimizations for OS X El Capitan. Your uploads now go to My Uploads dashboard, but you can turn it off if you wish.

Record voice clips


Introducing Voice Recording! Sometimes there is no better way to communicate than using your natural voice. You can quickly start recording a voice clip by pressing Cmd+Shift+8, or clicking on the microphone icon in the Jumpshare app.

Go ahead and sing, play a song, wish someone a happy birthday, or just leave a quick message. As usual, you will get a shareable link as soon as you stop recording.

Upload directly from Sketch

Jumpshare heart Sketch

After working with Bohemian Coding – the great people behind Sketch – we’ve introduced the single most popularly requested feature in Jumpshare for Mac. You can now directly upload your designs from Sketch by just using the Jumpshare hotkey Option+D. You’ll get a shareable link copied to your clipboard immediately. Great for getting feedback from your team and clients!

Keep your files close, your favorites closer


Mark important files as ‘Favorite’ and access them from the Favorites tab by clicking on the Star icon in the Jumpshare app. We use it to quickly access important files and folders and to share them again.

Annotate any image, not just screenshots

Annotate any image, not just screenshots

Users love our screenshot annotation tools so much, they regularly take screenshots of other images just so they can annotate and upload with Jumpshare. We’ve made it easier for you! Just right-click on any image and go to Services > Annotate with Jumpshare.

Share sheets integration

Share sheet integration

We have added support for OS X Share Sheets, so you can share files or links directly from any app that supports it. This significantly increases the number of apps Jumpshare can integrate directly with!

Uploads now go straight to your Dashboard

Previously, Desktop Uploads was the all-in-one folder for anything uploaded from the Mac app. Based on your feedback, we’ve tweaked the Mac app so that all files now go straight to your My Uploads Dashboard on the web. As a result, it is now a lot easier to find recently uploaded files, screenshots, notes, etc. Now your web, desktop and mobile (coming soon) stream will be in sync!

That’s not all though. With Jumpshare, you’re in control at all times. If you feel your dashboard is getting cluttered with too many screenshots, you have the option to upload screenshots, screencasts, notes, links and voice clips to “Desktop Uploads” folder, while general files and folders go to My Uploads dashboard.

Create powerful workflows with AppleScript

Jumpshare for Mac 2.1.1 comes with support for AppleScript! We’ve got nine scripting commands you can use to upload a file, take screenshots, record your screeen or a voice clip, or upload anything from your clipboard, etc. Adding Jumpshare to handle all your file-sharing needs in your already-existing scripts will boost your productivity even further.


If you like the new update, please consider leaving a review on the Mac App Store.

Complete changelog:

– New: Record voice clips by pressing ⌘⇧8 or clicking on the microphone icon in the app
– New: Mark important items as ‘Favorite’ to quickly access them later
– New: Share directly from Sketch using Jumpshare Hotkey
– New: Option to delete screenshots from your desktop after upload
– New: Annotate any image from your local drive
– New: Support for Share Sheet
– New: Support for AppleScript so you can use Jumpshare with your favorite apps
– New: All files will now upload to your My Uploads dashboard on
– New: Option to upload screenshots, screencasts, audio clips, notes and links to “Desktop Uploads” folder
– Fixed: Selecting text or shape position while annotating was not precise
– Fully compatible and optimized for OS X 10.11 El Capitan
– Numerous bugs, performance and stability improvements


Jumpshare for Mac 2.0 Adds Screenshot Annotation, Screencasting, Note-Taking Tools And More!

Newsletter cover photo

After over a year of designing, brainstorming and rethinking our desktop file-sharing experience, we are proud to announce the second major release of Jumpshare for Mac. Version 2.0 allows you to annotate screenshots, record screencasts, and compose notes in text, markdown, or code before quickly sharing them via link or email. There are dozens of other feature additions, tweaks, and general improvements which will make your file-sharing experience better.

Jumpshare for Mac singlehandedly replaces multiple, dedicated tools for the same tasks – so you can spend less time switching between apps, and focus more on doing your creative work!

Complete Changelog v2.0.6

  • Capture and edit (annotate) screenshots
  • Capture screencasts (you can also record mouse clicks and voice)
  • Compose Note (Text, Markdown, and Code)
  • Share links (add + at the end of the URL to bypass the Jumpshare file viewer and take people directly to the link)
  • Copy direct link or images (right-click any image and select Copy Direct Link option)
  • Better file and folder upload (yes, drop multiple files and folders to the menu bar to share quickly)
  • Scroll bar so you can view 20 latest items from the popover window
  • Advanced Copy Link tab in Share box
  • Ability to choose what items to show in pop-over window (All collections or Desktop Uploads collection only, and last modified or recently created items)
  • Select viewer theme (white or black) from the Preferences
  • Option to downscale Retina screenshots
  • Option to automatically upload screenshots from desktop
  • View Advanced Stats (right-click any item and select View Stats)
  • Multiple uploads (drop as many files and we will add them in queue)
  • Auto resume uploads when waking up from sleep
  • Faster uploads
  • Better keyboard shortcuts
  • Now supports OS X 10.9 Mavericks
  • Numerous bug fixes
  • Stability and backend improvements

and a lot more…


Jumpshare for Mac 1.2 Brings Stability, Control, And More Features To Your Desktop

jumpshare mac 1.2

Jumpshare for Mac v1.2 is out! This update adds plenty of new features, brings more stability, and gives users more control over how they share files. This version has been re-built from scratch and we’re excited to tell you about the new features.

Multi-threaded Uploading

Multi-threaded uploading was a part of our web app since late last year and it was what made files upload faster with fewer chances of failed uploads. We’ve added this same feature to our new Mac app. When you upload files,  simultaneous connections are established to ensure the files are uploaded faster.

Automatic Email Suggestions

The app now remembers who you have shared files and folders with; as you type in an email address, it suggests emails based on what you type in the address field. It’s also gotten smarter at recognizing email addresses copied to your clipboard. You can copy emails from Outlook, Gmail, etc complete with a contact’s first and last name, and the app will automatically extract the email address from the text copied to your clipboard.

Instant Alerts

We’ve incorporated the new activity alerts into the app. Each time a file is shared with you, a file you shared is viewed or when it’s downloaded, you will receive a notification. The new bell icon which is replacing the old graph one will show a number badge that  corresponds to the number of new activity alerts received.

Upload from Clipboard

We’ve added a new option ‘Upload from Clipboard’ that’ll let you quickly upload and share files copied to your clipboard. It also works with text copied to the clipboard. If you’ve copied text and use Upload from Clipboard option, the text is uploaded as a note. A link to the note is copied to your clipboard, ready to be shared.

Upload from Photoshop

The app has been updated to play nice with Photoshop; you can use the hotkey Option+D to upload screenshots directly from Photoshop.

Quickly Toggle Auto-Upload Screenshot

We’ve added a new way to quickly toggle auto-upload of screenshots. Just hold down the Option key and click the Jumpshare icon in the menu bar to turn it On and Off.

Rename items

To rename a file,  right-click it in the app and choose Rename from the context menu. Enter a name and the file will be renamed instantly. If you forget, you can still rename an item after it has been shared. It’s another web feature that we’ve brought to the Mac app.

Customize (Notification Sound, Bar, Icon)

We’ve added customization options for notifications so you can now change the sound of the notification or disable it. The Jumpshare settings and notification bar can be repositioned so that it sits atop the list of recently uploaded files. Lastly, you can choose between the simple black Jumpshare icon for the menu bar or a nice blue one.

Refreshing New Look

We’ve improved the look and feel of the app while preserving the user interface. You will see sharper icons and Open Sans font that adds together to bring you a refreshing new look.

Works Behind Corporate Proxy

If you’re working in a corporate setting and are forced to use a network proxy configuration, the app will automatically detect your corporate proxy using the system’s network configuration and work around it. You’ll be able to share files without causing any disruptions.

Enable or Disable URL Shortener

A new option has been added to the app’s preferences that let you enable/disable the URL Shortener for your account without having to visit the web app.

All Plus Features

Jumpshare Plus users have the most to benefit from this new updated app. All Plus features have been  incorporated inside the app so if you’re a Jumpshare Plus user, you can lock the files, set them to self-destruct, use advanced sharing options and schedule the shares, all from the Mac app.

Lastly, this version comes with a built-in auto updater. If you have the old Mac app installed, you’ll have to grab this version from our website. From next time, your app will update automatically whenever a new version comes out. Happy sharing!

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