Jumpshare v3.2 Packs Nifty New Annotation Tools, Cleaner Screen Recordings, and More

As Jumpshare’s user-base continues to grow, so too must its list of tools. In our quest to make Jumpshare the best visual communication suite out there, we’ve added multiple new features and supercharged existing offerings in the latest update to our awesome Mac, Windows, and web apps!

Jumpshare v3.2 adds two nifty new screenshot annotation tools, cleans up screen recordings to eliminate the need for post-processing, and brings comments to mobile, among other changes and fixes.

Magnify Screenshots

Magnify tool

New to our screenshot annotation toolset is Magnify. This nifty new tool creates a resizable circular area that magnifies everything within it and can be freely repositioned. Zoom into multiple areas of interest within your screenshots, assigning each magnified area a different-colored border.

Hide with Gaussian Blur

Blur tool

In addition to Pixelate, you now have the option to apply a smooth Gaussian blur to parts of a screenshot. Use the new Blur tool to hide personally identifiable or otherwise sensitive information within your screen grabs.