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Jumpshare Plus Now Offers 1TB (1,000GB) Storage For The Same Price


We launched Jumpshare Plus to make sharing large files easier. As the world moves to 4K videos and High Resolution RAW images, many of you told us that 100GB is not enough space to store all the important stuff. So starting today, we’re offering 10x more space to Jumpshare Plus users. We’re excited to announce that all Plus users will now get 1 Terabyte storage (1,000 GB).

This is a big jump and with many new features in the pipeline, we want to ensure that you have enough space for your files so you can get the most out of Jumpshare.

Upgrade to Jumpshare Plus


Now Filter Files By Sender And Recipient

The Shared tab is great at helping you keep track of all files shared with you. With so many people sharing files it can be difficult to find a file shared by a specific person particularly when you’re working and you want to quickly find files sent by a co-worker. Starting today, you can filter files by user. Simply click on the sender’s name to filter the list of files shared by that sender. Follow suit in the Shared by me page and you can filter the files you’ve sent by recipient.

Filter Shared files by email


This small but nifty addition will make it easier for you to navigate shared files. We’re adding plenty of small features on top of existing ones to make every aspect of file sharing as easy and smooth as possible. In the coming weeks you’ll be seeing some more additions to the web app. Stay tuned!


Jumpshare for Windows v1.2: Upload Folders And Enjoy A Lag-Free Experience

Jumpshare for Windows v1.2 is out! The biggest change in this update is that we’ve fixed the lag issue once and for all. The app will start faster during system startup and will no longer hang your PC. Apart from this, we’ve added two new features; the ability to upload folders, and paste emails from Gmail, Outlook, or any other email client directly to the “To” field of the Share box.

Changelog v1.2.0

New features:

  • Folder Uploads
  • Paste email from Gmail, Outlook, or any other email client

Bug fixes and Improvements:

  • Application Lag issue
  • Advanced Share options for folder
  • Broken Plus Links
  • Remove Fade In & Out Effect for items
  • Install issue for non-admin clients
  • Disabled number box in advanced share was too dark
  • New Activity and Settings icons

Download Jumpshare for Windows v.1.2.0

Plus Web

Jumpshare 2.0 – File Sharing Reimagined, The Best Has Just Arrived!

Three years ago we set out to create the best file sharing service out there, and today we’re thrilled to introduce the next chapter of Jumpshare. Jumpshare 2.0 is our biggest release ever! It comes with a brand new interface that we’re very excited about along with the many new features we’ve added to help organize and access shared files more efficiently. Here are some of the best features:

A Fresh New Look

The first thing you will notice is a cleaner look that features larger thumbnails and improved navigation. We’ve brought important pages like the Activity page and the My Uploads page to the forefront and added a new page called Shared that helps you keep track of all file sharing activity. The new Upload button and navigational header is also much more economical in terms of screen space.

Jumpshare 2-0

Shared Tab

We’ve added a new tab dedicated to helping you track shared files and folders. View a list of the files you’ve shared complete with details for when and whom you shared the files with, their status, size and message. View the files that others have shared with you and get a historical view of sharing between you and any other contact from the new Shared page. You can also check out the files you’ve scheduled for sharing and edit them before they’re sent out.

Shared with me page


Organization is a major point of focus for us with this new release and to that effect we’ve introduced tags with colored labels for better folder organization. You can add up to three tags per folder. The tag you assign to a folder can be used to find it, and all other folders having the same tag. We’re starting you off with three tags that you can assign to your folders; Work, Family and Friends. Feel free to create more tags to organize your projects.


Rearrange files

You’ll find a new option that lets you rearrange files in any order you want inside a folder, just like you can do it on your desktop. Apart from rearranging your files manually, you can also quickly sort files by name, date and size. Files can also be sorted in ascending or descending order based on name, date and size.

Rearrange files

Dark & Light Viewer

We’ve improved the file viewer drastically, it’s more robust, up to ten times faster, and allows you to browse all files inside the viewer. We’ve also given users the choice to set a light or dark theme for the file viewer. You can switch to the light viewer when you share files and it will apply across all file viewers. You now have the ability to choose how you present your files.

file viewer themes

Upload Folder

You can now select a folder to upload all files in it. Jumpshare will create a folder of the same name as the one you selected when uploading your files. All files in sub-folders are extracted and added to a single folder that is consistent with our flat folder hierarchy.

Upload folder Jumpshare

Get More Space

Love Jumpshare? You are now rewarded with more storage when you invite your friends to Jumpshare. Invite friends and get 500MB additional space for each friend that installs the app. Get up to 18GB free space!


We’re very excited about the new release which was only possible thanks to the feedback we received. As always, we want to ask you to try out the new Jumpshare and let us know what you think.

Visit Jumpshare

P.S. If you come across any bugs, you can report them to


Jumpshare for Mac 1.2 Brings Stability, Control, And More Features To Your Desktop

jumpshare mac 1.2

Jumpshare for Mac v1.2 is out! This update adds plenty of new features, brings more stability, and gives users more control over how they share files. This version has been re-built from scratch and we’re excited to tell you about the new features.

Multi-threaded Uploading

Multi-threaded uploading was a part of our web app since late last year and it was what made files upload faster with fewer chances of failed uploads. We’ve added this same feature to our new Mac app. When you upload files,  simultaneous connections are established to ensure the files are uploaded faster.

Automatic Email Suggestions

The app now remembers who you have shared files and folders with; as you type in an email address, it suggests emails based on what you type in the address field. It’s also gotten smarter at recognizing email addresses copied to your clipboard. You can copy emails from Outlook, Gmail, etc complete with a contact’s first and last name, and the app will automatically extract the email address from the text copied to your clipboard.

Instant Alerts

We’ve incorporated the new activity alerts into the app. Each time a file is shared with you, a file you shared is viewed or when it’s downloaded, you will receive a notification. The new bell icon which is replacing the old graph one will show a number badge that  corresponds to the number of new activity alerts received.

Upload from Clipboard

We’ve added a new option ‘Upload from Clipboard’ that’ll let you quickly upload and share files copied to your clipboard. It also works with text copied to the clipboard. If you’ve copied text and use Upload from Clipboard option, the text is uploaded as a note. A link to the note is copied to your clipboard, ready to be shared.

Upload from Photoshop

The app has been updated to play nice with Photoshop; you can use the hotkey Option+D to upload screenshots directly from Photoshop.

Quickly Toggle Auto-Upload Screenshot

We’ve added a new way to quickly toggle auto-upload of screenshots. Just hold down the Option key and click the Jumpshare icon in the menu bar to turn it On and Off.

Rename items

To rename a file,  right-click it in the app and choose Rename from the context menu. Enter a name and the file will be renamed instantly. If you forget, you can still rename an item after it has been shared. It’s another web feature that we’ve brought to the Mac app.

Customize (Notification Sound, Bar, Icon)

We’ve added customization options for notifications so you can now change the sound of the notification or disable it. The Jumpshare settings and notification bar can be repositioned so that it sits atop the list of recently uploaded files. Lastly, you can choose between the simple black Jumpshare icon for the menu bar or a nice blue one.

Refreshing New Look

We’ve improved the look and feel of the app while preserving the user interface. You will see sharper icons and Open Sans font that adds together to bring you a refreshing new look.

Works Behind Corporate Proxy

If you’re working in a corporate setting and are forced to use a network proxy configuration, the app will automatically detect your corporate proxy using the system’s network configuration and work around it. You’ll be able to share files without causing any disruptions.

Enable or Disable URL Shortener

A new option has been added to the app’s preferences that let you enable/disable the URL Shortener for your account without having to visit the web app.

All Plus Features

Jumpshare Plus users have the most to benefit from this new updated app. All Plus features have been  incorporated inside the app so if you’re a Jumpshare Plus user, you can lock the files, set them to self-destruct, use advanced sharing options and schedule the shares, all from the Mac app.

Lastly, this version comes with a built-in auto updater. If you have the old Mac app installed, you’ll have to grab this version from our website. From next time, your app will update automatically whenever a new version comes out. Happy sharing!

Download Jumpshare for Mac


Now Get Direct Link To Images


Starting today, you can link directly to an image file without going through the file viewer. Simply add + at the end of the share URL of any image and you’ll get the direct link to it. Direct links have benefits when embedding images in a forum, blog post or a presentation.

The Plus character (+) has to be added at the end of the image’s share URL, adding it at the end of the folder/album URL will not work. If you are using the URL shortener you can add + at the end of the short URL and it will link directly to the image. Click the links below to see it in action!

This feature is available for both Free and Plus users. Direct linking also works if you’re using a custom domain name.

You can get a direct link to any image file that we currently support which includes JPG, PNG, GIF, PSD, AI, SVG, RAW images, among many others.


Now You Can Search Both Files And Folders

Today, we’ve made an improvement to the Filter/Search bar to search folders as well as files. Previously, you could only search for files, but folders play an important role in how we organize our files so it’s natural to search for your files by folder name.

By default, when you search, we will list both folders and files in the search results. If you want to limit search to folders or files only, you can do so by clicking the Filter drop down.

folder search

Select Folders to search folders only, select Files to search files only, or select Everything to search for both folders and files. Other options to filter by file types are still available.


Jumpshare For Windows v1.1.7: App Updater Crash And Command Line Upload Fixed

The latest update for Jumpshare (v1.1.7) is now live. This update brings a slew of bug fixes and improvements to the Windows application. In our last update, the built-in auto updater failed to work due to a bug which, along with a slew of other bugs, have been fixed in this release. So if you’re running v1.1.6 of the app, you’ll have to uninstall it and grab the latest version from our website.

Changelog v1.1.7

Bug fixes:

  • Addressed an issue that caused Command line upload to not work when application was running
  • Fixed application crash for folder upload
  • Fixed ShortUrl recurring notifications issue
  • Resolved Application Updater crash


  • Application Updater optimized to update outdated files only
  • Internet connectivity optimization to minimize application ready time
  • Add “Connecting” status message when Application starts
  • Improved error handling for application shortcuts
  • Typo fix in notification message
  • Optimize Application behavior to make Exit smoother

Download Jumpshare for Windows (v1.1.7)