Preview Documents In Thumbnails And Enjoy Improved Output

At Jumpshare, we pride ourselves on being able to preview the most file formats online but it isn’t enough to just open and display contents of a file. The quality of the file viewer is important and it’s a challenge for us particularly when it comes to previewing proprietary file formats like PDF, DOC / DOCX (MS Word) and PPT / PPTX (MS Powerpoint). Today, we’re proud to  announce fresh improvement made to our conversion engine which will allow users to view files in better quality.

Check out document output comparison below. The improvements are most noticeable for fonts, formatting, and image quality within documents.

  • Before-Document output comparison
    After-Document output comparison
    Before Document output comparison After
Apart from better output, you will now see previews of documents and presentations (PDF, MS Office and Open Office) on a file’s thumbnail making it easier to browse.
document presentation preview thumbs

We automatically reconvert your older docs when you open them again. Improving output is a gradual process and we hope to improve it further in the coming months. Our powerful conversion engine will soon be made available to developers who want to integrate the file viewer on their websites, mobile apps, or anywhere else.

We’ve made plenty of changes under the hood. If you come across a bad output, send it over to and we’ll have a look. Did you see improvement of your document output? Let us know in the comments!

Now Upload Files From Mobile Website

Last month we released the brand new mobile version of the Jumpshare website. Today we’re adding the ability for users to upload their files on the go. You can upload, manage, share, and preview your files right from the mobile website.

To upload your files, simply tap the plus button in the top right corner of the screen. It will take you directly to your camera roll from where you can select photos and videos to upload.

Upload from mobile web

It works similar to the web. If you tap the plus button on the My Uploads page, it will create a new folder. If you tap the plus button inside a folder, it will add files to the existing collection. We hope this small but useful update will help our users share files better.

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Note: Make sure your Phone’s operating system is updated to the latest version. Most outdated browsers and OS do not support uploading from mobile website.

Replace Files Without Breaking The Share Link

There are many instances where you want to replace a file with a newer version while ensuring that the link you previously shared to it does not break. Suppose you want to share your work with a client and after receiving feedback, you need to share an updated version of the work again. Instead of sending your client multiple links, you can now simply replace an existing file with a newer version (as many times as you want) and ask your client to check it out at the same link. Or suppose you tweeted a link to a document and realized that you uploaded and shared the wrong file, or an earlier version of it. Instead of deleting your tweet and posting a new one, you can simply upload a newer version of your document and the old link will automatically direct to it. Nuclear Armageddon prevented!

How it works:

Starting today, when you upload the same file twice in a folder, we will show a pop-up box giving you a choice between replacing an existing file in your account with the newer version, or creating a duplicate file. You can also choose to Skip the file. If multiple similar files are detected, you’re given a choice to perform a single action on all of them in one go.

Replace file without altering the share link

If you choose to replace the file. We will simply replace the file with the newer version and you don’t have to worry about broken links.

Go ahead and give it a try

Jumpshare Inbox: Receive Files From Anyone Instantly

As part of our workflow, sometimes we want to receive files from our customers, clients, contractors, etc quickly without asking them to sign up for an account to our preferred file sharing service. Where our goal at Jumpshare is to make file sharing as easy as possible for our users, receiving files from others is also something we want to simplify. After many months of brainstorming and development, we’re happy to introduce Jumpshare Inbox, a permanent solution to this very problem. Once set up, you’re given a unique personalized link which you can share with anyone to receive files instantly in your Inbox. It’s as easy as the name suggests.

How it works:

Visit the Settings page and you will find a new section called “Inbox”. Take your time to set it up by giving your Inbox a unique name, which will become the vanity URL.

set up inbox

Once done, you will be given a unique personalized URL based on the name you choose for your Inbox.

Inbox name

Now just share this link with anyone to instantly receive files in your Inbox. We’ve made the Inbox link such that it’s easy to memorize. The recipient has to write his/her name and email, add files and just hit Send. It’s that easy! The recipient also has the option to write a subject or a message, both of which are optional.

Jumpshare Inbox

There is no limit to the number of files you can receive, nor is there any file size limit.

Jumpshare Inbox Uploading

All received files go in your Inbox. To access the files, go to the “Shared” tab and you will find them listed on the “Shared with me” page. You can view files, download them, or save them to your account for permanent safekeeping.

Inbox is going to be a lifesaver for those whose work depends on receiving files from their customers on a daily basis. Let us know what you think about this feature. Jumpshare Inbox is available to all Plus users. Happy Receiving!

Set up your Inbox

Share Your Favorite Links, Track Their Performance, And Upload Files via Direct URLs

We all share links on a regular basis, just like we share files. Sometimes we want to showcase our work, share our favorite videos, or just share the latest news with friends. We’re happy to announce that, starting today, you can share your favorite links using Jumpshare just as easily as you can share your files. Now both file and link management can be done from one place; Jumpshare.

Here are some benefits of using Jumpshare to organize and share your links:

  • You can curate your links around a theme (a nice way to organize your bookmarks), for e.g., saving links for your perfect vacation, recipes for your favorite dishes, and more.
  • You can know how your links are performing by checking how many views it got. If you’re a Plus user, you can track even more data using Analytics, such as, which countries visitors came from, their browsers and operating systems, and their screen resolutions.
  • Since preview of the link is shown in the file viewer, you can mix your links with other content while giving a presentation and open your links in style during your pitch or a conference.

How it works:

You can share links from both the desktop apps and the web interface. To share a link from the web interface, click the drop down arrow next to the Upload button and select “Upload Link”.

Upload Link

In the pop-up box, paste the link that you want to upload and it will appear in your account instantly, ready to be shared!

Share Link

Click the link to open it in the viewer. You will see a screenshot of the page whose link you uploaded. Clicking on the “View Original” button or anywhere on the screenshot will take users to the destination in a new tab.

Link Preview Online

Apart from uploading links, you can also use this option to upload files via a direct URL. Just paste a direct URL to a file and we will automatically fetch it from the server and upload it to your account in seconds. So the next time you come across any file on the internet, instead of downloading it to your computer and then uploading it to Jumpshare, just use the link uploading option to directly upload the file to your Jumpshare account.

Upload files via direct URL

Link sharing works on both Windows and Mac apps right out of the box. Just copy a URL to your clipboard and use “Upload via Clipboard” option (Control+Alt+U hotkey, can be customized) to quickly upload a link, ready to be shared.

Share links from desktop - mac and windows

What makes link sharing on Jumpshare better is that you can get all the options that are available when you share files. For example, you can send a link via email, with an option to expire after a certain number of views or days, set a link to self-destruct automatically (which will remove it from your account), or lock it with a password before sharing (useful when sharing private work that’s not ready for public). Better yet, you can track performance of your links and get insights into your visitors using Analytics.

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Advanced Analytics: Gain Powerful Insights Into Your Audience

Jumpshare Analytics banner

At Jumpshare we strive to provide the best file sharing experience, and we know that fast and easy sharing is only half of it. The other half is knowing how well your files are performing and gaining insights into your audience. Today, we’re excited to launch Analytics for Jumpshare Plus. Analytics help you analyze how your files are performing and gives you a comprehensive overview of your audience detailing who’s viewed and downloaded your files. An actionable dashboard of top files, top referrers, total views and downloads always keeps you in the loop. Use Analytics to gain valuable insight into your audience to grow your business. Know which countries your visitors come from, which web browsers and operating systems they use, and what screen resolutions the files are being viewed on.

You will see a new tab on your left sidebar called Analytics. By default, it shows you data from the past 30 days, but you customize the date range from the selector on top right corner of the graph. You can filter data by referrers and files, and the dashboard will automatically update to reflect the change. This is what the Analytics dashboard looks like:


If you’re looking to quickly view data for a recently shared folder or file, just right-click it and select “View Stats” to open a pop-up box where you can take a quick glance of how’s it performing.


Since Analytics is a new feature, file stats from before will not be available however starting today, all visits to your files will be tracked. Over the next few days, your Analytics page will start populating with data, depending on how many visitors view your files.

We’re happy to be the first file sharing service to bring Advanced Analytics to individuals and small businesses at a simple, affordable price with Jumpshare Plus (at just $9.99/month). It’s simple, fast and easy to use!

Upgrade to Jumpshare Plus

P.S. Analytics is only available on the web app. The next update will bring Analytics to the desktop apps. The upcoming iPhone app will also have the Analytics tab built-in. We can’t wait to release them. Happy sharing!

Introducing A Brand New Mobile Site With An Improved File Viewer

mobile site newsletter

We know how important it is to access, share, and view your files on the go. Today, we’re launching a brand new mobile website with a revamped interface, quick sharing options, and a new file viewer that allows seamless previewing of over 200 file formats online. With the new file viewer, users can easily switch between different files inside their folder. If you’re a Jumpshare Plus user, your custom branding will remain intact when sharing files. Viewing presentations, spreadsheets, documents, video, audio, or large photo albums just became a lot better now. We’ve made sure everything, including fonts, code, eBooks, CAD files and other files can be previewed on the smartphones.

Once you’re logged in, you will see your recent uploads.

jumpshare mobile my uploads

Click any folder to view the files inside, or click the cog wheel on each thumb to view folder options, such as, Copy Link, Share, Delete, Download, and Cancel.

jumpshare mobile options

Copy Link shows you the link in a pop-up from where you can copy and share it. To quickly share your files via email, click Share, enter recipients’ email addresses, type a message (optional) and hit Send.

jumpshare mobile copy linkjumpshare mobile send files

Click any file to open the file viewer. Swipe left to view the next file and swipe right to view the previous file. The counter at the bottom of the viewer will show which file you’re viewing currently.

jumpshare mobile preview

For files, such as, presentations and spreadsheets, you can browse them in full-screen mode. Inside a presentation, you can swipe left and right to view the next and previous slides, respectively. Click X to exit the full-screen mode and return to the file viewer. Similarly, you can tap View to preview the spreadsheet in full-screen mode where you can browse and switch sheets easily. Videos and Audio files play using the default OS players when you tap on them.

jumpshare mobile presentation viewjumpshare mobile document preview

From the Settings page, you can change your Account Settings, such as, your name, email, and password and switch between the Light and Dark viewer.

Adding Jumpshare bookmark to your home screen

You can add the Jumpshare mobile site bookmark to your home screen to quickly access it until the official app becomes available for your phone. Both our iPhone and Android apps are under development. The iPhone app is scheduled to launch next month.

To add a bookmark to your home screen, visit on your phone and tap the Share button. From the list of options, select “Add to home screen”.

jumpshare add to home screenjumpshare mobile home screen app

We believe the new mobile site will help you easily access and share your files while on the go. The ease of sharing extends to benefit your recipients who will be able to preview the files you share with them, on any smartphone or tablet they may be using.

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Introducing Advanced Copy Link

The ability to share preview-only links (where download is disabled) and temporary links (that expire after a certain number of days, views and downloads), were only available when you were sending files via email to friends or clients. Many of you want to share files quickly on blogs, forums, IM, etc, and wanted advanced sharing options for Copy Link. Today, we’re introducing Advanced Copy Link tab in the Share box.

To access advanced copy link options, right click any file or folder and select Share. From the Share box, click on the new “Advanced Copy Link” tab. By default, your normal copy link URL is shown, choose advanced options and click “Generate” to generate a new URL having advanced options.

Advanced Copy Link

You can choose different advanced options at any time and click Generate to generate a new URL, there is no limit to how many times you can generate a new URL.

Advanced Copy Link tab will be available on the desktop apps in the next release. At the moment, you can access it from the Share box on the Web app.

Upgrade to Jumpshare Plus to access Advanced Copy Link options