Inbox – Receive Files From Anyone Without Requiring An Account

Communication with clients is a two-way street that involves both sharing and receiving files. Jumpshare is the fastest way to share your work and ideas with clients, however, receiving can be a bit more hectic. Not any more. Today, Inbox has graduated from a simple feature hidden in the Settings page to the main feature visible in the web dashboard sidebar.

You can create multiple Inboxes for each client and choose which folder the files you receive should go to.


Introducing New Drawing, Click Tracking, and Webcam Options in Screen Recording

Today, we’re excited to announce the release of our next update for Mac and Windows apps. This update brings a slew of new screen recording features to help you personalize your communication.

Drawing Tool

Voiceover and click-tracking make for better screencasts but your customers may still struggle to follow you along. You can now help them out by adding screen annotations to a screencast with Jumpshare’s newly added drawing tool. The option to draw on-screen shows up right after you start a recording and you get to choose from 6 vibrant colors to draw with.


Deliver your work faster with Global CDN Network

After many months of optimizing our infrastructure to accommodate thousands of new customers, today we’re delighted to deploy a global CDN (content delivery network) that will enable our users to instantly preview their work, stream videos, and download at a lightning-fast speed. This change affects all users worldwide. Now whenever you and your recipients access a Jumpshare link, the content will be delivered right away without long wait times.

Based on our testings in different regions across the world – from Europe to Asia – we saw an increase in speed for images and document loading, video streaming and downloading between 2x to 10x. That’s a massive improvement. We hope with this change you can continue to deliver your work and ideas with your team and clients with confidence. Happy sharing!


Summer Update: Instant Search, Pause/Resume Recording, Infinite Scrolling & More

Over the past few months, we’ve been working hard on many new features and improvements to the Jumpshare apps. Today we’re thrilled to introduce them to you all. We’re calling it the Summer Update. This update will make working and sharing even better for you on the MacOS, Windows, and Web apps.

Instant Search

The first thing you will notice when you update your app is that a search bar has been added to the Jumpshare window, allowing you to quickly search your files, and re-share them with your team and clients.

Jumpshare Business Mobile

Team Dashboard Comes To Your iPhone And iPad

A few months ago, we launched the Jumpshare Business plan on the web and desktop apps. Today, we’re bringing it to your iPhone and iPad. Now you can share your work and collaborate with your team on the go. Together, your whole team can be more productive.

When you launch the app, you will see a new entry in the sidebar under My Uploads which is named Team Uploads. Once you create your team, the name will change from Team Uploads to the name of your team. The Team dashboard works in the same way as your personal dashboard – tap the (+) icon to upload your files, photos, bookmarks, notes, etc, tap and hold any item to bring up sharing options. You can see the files uploaded by your colleagues and clients in one place and easily collaborate with the whole team. Everyone in the team is notified when a file/folder is uploaded in the team dashboard.

Jumpshare Business Plus Web

HTTPS Support For Jumpshare and Custom Domain Links

Starting today, we have migrated all short urls from http to https. Now all share links at Jumpshare support https communication protocol for enhanced security. If you’re on a Plus or Business plan and using a custom domain to share your links, you can set up https using Cloudflare.

After you’ve successfully set up your custom domain, the next step is to visit Cloudflare and set up your free account (choose the Free plan). As part of setting up your account, Cloudflare will ask you to enter the domain for which you want to set up https, here you need to enter your Apex domain ( domain) and they will automatically fetch the records for you. If you set up the subdomain, the CNAME record will be fetched automatically, and if you set up the Apex domain, then the A record will be fetched automatically. So the process is pretty straightforward.


We’re updating our Privacy Policy

Thanks for using Jumpshare! We’re committed to helping creative professionals and teams share their work and communicate better visually. To help ensure Jumpshare and our customers remain compliant with upcoming EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), we’ve updated our privacy policy.

Want to read the full policy? Check it out here.

Jumpshare Business Web

Introducing Smarter Comments For Teams

We’ve received an overwhelming response to the launch of our Business plan. Dozens of creative teams – both small and large – are now collaborating internally, and with outside clients, in a single shared workspace. As a result, these teams are more productive and in-sync than ever before. Today, we’re improving comments to make creative collaboration even better for teams.