Organize Your Work Better With Nested Tags

Tags give you a way to organize all your shares (folders) by projects, companies, clients, customers, etc. It’s a quick way to organize your work so you can find it later. However one level tags can be troublesome if you have too many folders to organize. We do not support nested folders because we want to keep file sharing dead-simple and easy, however for advanced users who would like to organize their work, we now support nested tags up to 3 levels. All tags appear in the sidebar of My Uploads page. Nested tags are useful if you have multiple projects to work on for a single client, company, etc.

organize work files with nested tags

Creating a nested tag is similar to creating a new tag. Click “New Tag” from the left sidebar and you will find “Nest tag under:” option in the pop-up box. Check this option and select a parent tag under which you want to nest the new tag. When done, click Create.

nested tags

Once the newly created nested tag is ready, select folders to add the tag to and click “Tag” button in the header to tag them all. It’s that easy!

choose tags to apply

At Jumpshare, we use nested tags to organize our work and personal files. We believe nested tags will become an integral part of the workflow for our users and make it easy to organize your files better.