Sharing On Social Media Just Got Better With New URL Shortener And Live Preview

Jumpshare Live Preview

We’ve just made two major updates to Jumpshare that will improve file sharing on social media. First, the length of the short URLs has been reduced to just 7 characters (down from 20 characters), leaving you room to say more. Second, when sharing files on social media; the share links now generate a live thumbnail preview.

New users are defaulted to the short, easy to remember URLs. However, you still have the option to stick with longer URLs which are more secure. Jumpshare Plus users can customize the domain name while retaining the short URL.

When you paste a link on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, or anywhere else, the thumbnail preview of the folder or file is generated. On Twitter, the thumbnail will appear when you expand to view the summary of a tweet on your timeline as well as when you’re viewing a single tweet.

Images and videos will both feature a thumbnail preview whereas other file types will be represented by an icon that identifies them. Check out the new improvements to our social sharing feature and let us know what you think. As always, feedback is welcome!

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  • Farooq Ahmed

    I am a free user . Is there any option to create my own folder to place my files instead of auto created folders?

    • Hi Farooq, we automatically create a folder for you when you upload files. You can add more files inside that folder or go back to ‘My Uploads’ to create another folder by uploading some files. We do not support nested folders, so you cannot create a folder yourself. Jumpshare has been designed from the ground up to make file sharing as fast and effective as possible.