Share Once And Forget, We’ll Take Care Of The Rest

We’ve made a small update to the way recipients are notified when files are shared with them. Before if you shared a folder with someone, the recipient got an email, and when you added more files to the shared folder, there was no way for the recipient to know that you have updated the folder.

Starting today, you only have to share the folder once and if you add more files to the shared folder, we will let the recipients know that you have updated the folder with more files. There is absolutely no extra work or actions that you need to perform – everything is automated!

If the recipient has a Jumpshare account, this is what he/she will see in the activity.

add more files to folder activity

And this is what the email looks like.

added more files email

Happy sharing!

  • Good feature. Just wondering when you guys are planning to roll out some desktop version of this?

    • You should see the OS X app in a few weeks. Windows app will follow soon. Stay tuned!