Your Documents and Presentations’ Output Is Now Pixel Perfect

Since launching in September, 2012, our users complained about the jerky and iffy output of their documents; MS Word, Pages, and PDF document. Because the same engine is utilized to convert the presentations, the output of Powerpoint presentations had been equally unimpressive. After spending countless hours coding, revising, testing and sweating blood and tears, today we are happy to announce that the output of our document and presentation viewer is perfect down to the last pixel. Below we have made some Before and After comparison to show you how much the output quality has improved. Scroll down to take a quick glance.


Old 04


New 04


Old 03


New 03


Old 01


New 01


Old 02


New 02

We are constantly striving for the highest quality of our file viewers and will not stop until we have achieved the best output. We are improving our engine routinely so if you come across any bad output or bugs, please don’t hesitate to report it ( We will be more than happy to fix any problems you encounter and to ensure that you get the best possible file sharing experience.

Converting a document is a complex task and a multi-part procedure. We achieved this result by using both our technology and the open source pdf2htmlEX (for PDF to HTML conversions). Many users can experience the native PDF viewer in Chrome and Firefox browsers, however many more who are using Internet Explorer, Opera, and other browsers are not able to preview it. With Jumpshare, everyone, irrespective of the browser they are using, will be able to enjoy the pixel perfect output of Word, PDF, Pages documents and Powerpoint presentations. Did we mention that we support OpenOffice docs too?

Go ahead and upload some docs. Let us know how you like it in the comments below.

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