Introducing Jumpshare’s Google Chrome Extension

Today, Jumpshare adds a new member to its family of apps, offering you yet another way to streamline communication and collaboration with clients and team members.

Say hello to the Jumpshare extension for Google Chrome and Chrome OS! 🙌

Available for free on the Chrome Web Store, our extension is an all-in-one screen capture and screen recording solution aimed at Chromebook owners as well as those who prefer to work from within the comfort of the Chrome web browser. Record your screen, annotate as you record, take screenshots, and share your ideas in seconds, all while seamlessly leveraging the many offerings of our powerful web app.

Record Your Screen

Chrome Screen Recorder

Skip long meetings and send a video instead. Our screen recorder lets you record your screen and camera at the same time or separately, along with your microphone and system or browser audio.

Capture the entire screen, a particular window, or a Chrome tab of choice. Enable click-tracking to help your viewers follow each on-screen action.


Chrome Annotate

Guide your customers, clients, or team members through your videos using the screen recorder’s annotation tools. Draw on your screen, add text, and highlight points of interest with shapes.


Jumpshare v3.2 Packs Nifty New Annotation Tools, Cleaner Screen Recordings, and More

As Jumpshare’s user-base continues to grow, so too must its list of tools. In our quest to make Jumpshare the best visual communication suite out there, we’ve added multiple new features and supercharged existing offerings in the latest update to our awesome Mac, Windows, and web apps!

Jumpshare v3.2 adds two nifty new screenshot annotation tools, cleans up screen recordings to eliminate the need for post-processing, and brings comments to mobile, among other changes and fixes.

Magnify Screenshots

Magnify tool

New to our screenshot annotation toolset is Magnify. This nifty new tool creates a resizable circular area that magnifies everything within it and can be freely repositioned. Zoom into multiple areas of interest within your screenshots, assigning each magnified area a different-colored border.

Hide with Gaussian Blur

Blur tool

In addition to Pixelate, you now have the option to apply a smooth Gaussian blur to parts of a screenshot. Use the new Blur tool to hide personally identifiable or otherwise sensitive information within your screen grabs.


Introducing Jumpshare v3 – Say Hello To The World’s Fastest Visual Communication App!

Early this year, in the midst of the global pandemic, we set out to build the fastest, most advanced visual communication platform. Today we’re thrilled to share it with the world. Say hello to Jumpshare v3! 🥳

Jumpshare v3 comes with a brand new interface with completely redesigned elements to focus on quick visual communication and team collaboration. We’ve also introduced Workspaces, Shared Library, a new recording tool, and more to help you work better. Here are some of the biggest changes:

A Fresh New Look

The first thing you will notice after updating your Jumpshare app is a brand new design with bigger and more accessible icons to access the tools on top of the window, along with quick access tabs to navigate between your libraries. The content area has been expanded to show 6 recent uploads, up from 5, helping you easily browse them. The search bar has been moved to the very top, allowing you to search all libraries in your Workspace quickly. We’ve re-written the architecture to make actions like switching between the libraries and searching for your uploads instant.

At Jumpshare, our philosophy is to help users become more productive in the least number of steps possible which means allowing users to perform most of the actions from their desktop app without forcing them to visit the web dashboard. This also means that Jumpshare is completely engineered using native code from the ground up for both Mac and Windows, making it incredibly fast and a breeze to use.

Meet The Dark Mode

We’ve introduced a long-awaited dark mode to our Mac app (coming soon to Windows!) so it complements the dark theme of our file viewer and of macOS which is preferred by many of our users.


Embed Video Thumbnails in your Email

Since launching the ability to embed videos, we have seen thousands of users share videos on their websites and blog posts. Today, we’re making it easier to share your videos by embedding them in your emails, documents, or anywhere else.

Embedding your videos in the email helps you visually communicate your ideas and thus resulting in higher engagement and response rates. It’s perfect for quick collaboration, marketing, sales, or customer support.


How to screen record your online course videos with Jumpshare

Video lectures are increasingly becoming the go-to method for knowledge sharing on the internet. They don’t require you to show up for classes, they possess longevity, and are easily scalable.

You could be sipping pina coladas in the Bahamas while learners purchase and study your recorded lectures – that’s money in the bank and more days off for you.

When it comes to creating recorded courses, there are several kinds of video lectures and recorded courses options to choose from. But so far, the most popular ones feature the following elements: 

  • Slides/presentation
  • Presence of the instructor via webcam and audio

Another common element of such courses are the screen recording tools. The wrong kind of tools can take money from your pocket, and worst of all, waste your time and effort. Not to worry, however, Jumpshare has enabled thousands of people to screen record their courses, and we’re going to tell you how to do that.


New Video Features: Trim, Custom Thumbnail & Timed Comments

Many of you are using Jumpshare to communicate visually during the pandemic, with video messages being one of the primary methods to get your feedback and ideas across. Today we’re excited to expand the video features to help you edit, customize, and collaborate even better.

Trim Video

After recording a video, you can now trim it to remove unnecessary parts before sharing. We’ve added a new editing panel on the right sidebar of the file viewer to help you quickly use any of the available editing options.


Introducing New Responsive Web Dashboard

Thousands of Jumpsharers upload millions of ideas and work files every month. Many of you have requested a better way to organize their uploads. Today we’re excited to announce one of the biggest design refreshes of our web dashboard since launching Jumpshare.

The new web dashboard is fully responsive, it works everywhere you do – on the desktop, tablet, or mobile. You will notice bigger visually beautiful thumbnails and the ability to quickly switch between large grid, normal grid, and list view from the dashboard instead of having to navigate to the Settings page.


Introducing Embed & Call-to-action (CTA) for Videos

Thousands of Jumpshare users create demos, tutorials, guides, and other types of videos using the Jumpshare screen recorder every day and share them using a link. However, users could not embed these videos on their websites, nor take their viewers to book a meeting, online store, support article, or any other page.

Today we’re excited to introduce embedding and CTA (call-to-action) for videos of all types, making it infinitely easier to communicate through videos.