Introducing A Brand New Mobile Site With An Improved File Viewer

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We know how important it is to access, share, and view your files on the go. Today, we’re launching a brand new mobile website with a revamped interface, quick sharing options, and a new file viewer that allows seamless previewing of over 200 file formats online. With the new file viewer, users can easily switch between different files inside their folder. If you’re a Jumpshare Plus user, your custom branding will remain intact when sharing files. Viewing presentations, spreadsheets, documents, video, audio, or large photo albums just became a lot better now. We’ve made sure everything, including fonts, code, eBooks, CAD files and other files can be previewed on the smartphones.

Once you’re logged in, you will see your recent uploads.

jumpshare mobile my uploads

Click any folder to view the files inside, or click the cog wheel on each thumb to view folder options, such as, Copy Link, Share, Delete, Download, and Cancel.

jumpshare mobile options

Copy Link shows you the link in a pop-up from where you can copy and share it. To quickly share your files via email, click Share, enter recipients’ email addresses, type a message (optional) and hit Send.

jumpshare mobile copy linkjumpshare mobile send files

Click any file to open the file viewer. Swipe left to view the next file and swipe right to view the previous file. The counter at the bottom of the viewer will show which file you’re viewing currently.

jumpshare mobile preview

For files, such as, presentations and spreadsheets, you can browse them in full-screen mode. Inside a presentation, you can swipe left and right to view the next and previous slides, respectively. Click X to exit the full-screen mode and return to the file viewer. Similarly, you can tap View to preview the spreadsheet in full-screen mode where you can browse and switch sheets easily. Videos and Audio files play using the default OS players when you tap on them.

jumpshare mobile presentation viewjumpshare mobile document preview

From the Settings page, you can change your Account Settings, such as, your name, email, and password and switch between the Light and Dark viewer.

Adding Jumpshare bookmark to your home screen

You can add the Jumpshare mobile site bookmark to your home screen to quickly access it until the official app becomes available for your phone. Both our iPhone and Android apps are under development. The iPhone app is scheduled to launch next month.

To add a bookmark to your home screen, visit on your phone and tap the Share button. From the list of options, select “Add to home screen”.

jumpshare add to home screenjumpshare mobile home screen app

We believe the new mobile site will help you easily access and share your files while on the go. The ease of sharing extends to benefit your recipients who will be able to preveiw the files you share with them, on any smartphone or tablet they may be using.

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Introducing Advanced Copy Link

The ability to share preview-only links (where download is disabled) and temporary links (that expire after a certain number of days, views and downloads), were only available when you were sending files via email to friends or clients. Many of you want to share files quickly on blogs, forums, IM, etc, and wanted advanced sharing options for Copy Link. Today, we’re introducing Advanced Copy Link tab in the Share box.

To access advanced copy link options, right click any file or folder and select Share. From the Share box, click on the new “Advanced Copy Link” tab. By default, your normal copy link URL is shown, choose advanced options and click “Generate” to generate a new URL having advanced options.

Advanced Copy Link

You can choose different advanced options at any time and click Generate to generate a new URL, there is no limit to how many times you can generate a new URL.

Advanced Copy Link tab will be available on the desktop apps in the next release. At the moment, you can access it from the Share box on the Web app.

Upgrade to Jumpshare Plus to access Advanced Copy Link options

Organize Your Work Better With Nested Tags

Tags give you a way to organize all your shares (folders) by projects, companies, clients, customers, etc. It’s a quick way to organize your work so you can find it later. However one level tags can be troublesome if you have too many folders to organize. We do not support nested folders because we want to keep file sharing dead-simple and easy, however for advanced users who would like to organize their work, we now support nested tags up to 3 levels. All tags appear in the sidebar of My Uploads page. Nested tags are useful if you have multiple projects to work on for a single client, company, etc.

organize work files with nested tags

Creating a nested tag is similar to creating a new tag. Click “New Tag” from the left sidebar and you will find “Nest tag under:” option in the pop-up box. Check this option and select a parent tag under which you want to nest the new tag. When done, click Create.

nested tags

Once the newly created nested tag is ready, select folders to add the tag to and click “Tag” button in the header to tag them all. It’s that easy!

choose tags to apply

At Jumpshare, we use nested tags to organize our work and personal files. We believe nested tags will become an integral part of the workflow for our users and make it easy to organize your files better.

Search Becomes More Powerful, Now Works In Real-Time

Almost everyone uses search to quickly locate their files. The faster search works, the happier everyone is. We’re worked to make search even faster at Jumpshare. Today, we’re announcing two new additions to Jumpshare; real-time search and the ability to quickly search for your folder when copying, moving, or saving your files.

Real-time search

To search for your files, just start typing in the search bar and the results will appear in real-time. You can modify the keywords and it will reflect in the search result automatically. We believe real-time search makes it easier for users to locate their files and folders because it doesn’t require users to type and press the Enter key over and over again.

jumpshare real-time search

Find the folder you’re looking for

When copying, moving, or saving the files, you will see a new search bar on top of your folders in the pop-up box. This will help you quickly filter the folder where you want to copy, move, or save your files. Just type the folder name and the result will reflect automatically, in real-time.

search in pop-up

There are many more improvements and features coming to Jumpshare in the coming days. We’ll keep you updated. Happy sharing!


Jumpshare Plus Now Offers 1TB (1,000GB) Storage For The Same Price


We launched Jumpshare Plus to make sharing large files easier. As the world moves to 4K videos and High Resolution RAW images, many of you told us that 100GB is not enough space to store all the important stuff. So starting today, we’re offering 10x more space to Jumpshare Plus users. We’re excited to announce that all Plus users will now get 1 Terabyte storage (1,000 GB).

This is a big jump and with many new features in the pipeline, we want to ensure that you have enough space for your files so you can get the most out of Jumpshare.

Upgrade to Jumpshare Plus

Now Filter Files By Sender And Recipient

The Shared tab is great at helping you keep track of all files shared with you. With so many people sharing files it can be difficult to find a file shared by a specific person particularly when you’re working and you want to quickly find files sent by a co-worker. Starting today, you can filter files by user. Simply click on the sender’s name to filter the list of files shared by that sender. Follow suit in the Shared by me page and you can filter the files you’ve sent by recipient.

Filter Shared files by email


This small but nifty addition will make it easier for you to navigate shared files. We’re adding plenty of small features on top of existing ones to make every aspect of file sharing as easy and smooth as possible. In the coming weeks you’ll be seeing some more additions to the web app. Stay tuned!

Jumpshare for Windows v1.2: Upload Folders And Enjoy A Lag-Free Experience

Jumpshare for Windows v1.2 is out! The biggest change in this update is that we’ve fixed the lag issue once and for all. The app will start faster during system startup and will no longer hang your PC. Apart from this, we’ve added two new features; the ability to upload folders, and paste emails from Gmail, Outlook, or any other email client directly to the “To” field of the Share box.

Changelog v1.2.0

New features:

  • Folder Uploads
  • Paste email from Gmail, Outlook, or any other email client

Bug fixes and Improvements:

  • Application Lag issue
  • Advanced Share options for folder
  • Broken Plus Links
  • Remove Fade In & Out Effect for items
  • Install issue for non-admin clients
  • Disabled number box in advanced share was too dark
  • New Activity and Settings icons

Download Jumpshare for Windows v.1.2.0

Jumpshare 2.0 – File Sharing Reimagined, The Best Has Just Arrived!

Three years ago we set out to create the best file sharing service out there, and today we’re thrilled to introduce the next chapter of Jumpshare. Jumpshare 2.0 is our biggest release ever! It comes with a brand new interface that we’re very excited about along with the many new features we’ve added to help organize and access shared files more efficiently. Here are some of the best features:

A Fresh New Look

The first thing you will notice is a cleaner look that features larger thumbnails and improved navigation. We’ve brought important pages like the Activity page and the My Uploads page to the forefront and added a new page called Shared that helps you keep track of all file sharing activity. The new Upload button and navigational header is also much more economical in terms of screen space.

Jumpshare 2-0

Shared Tab

We’ve added a new tab dedicated to helping you track shared files and folders. View a list of the files you’ve shared complete with details for when and whom you shared the files with, their status, size and message. View the files that others have shared with you and get a historical view of sharing between you and any other contact from the new Shared page. You can also check out the files you’ve scheduled for sharing and edit them before they’re sent out.

Shared with me page


Organization is a major point of focus for us with this new release and to that effect we’ve introduced tags with colored labels for better folder organization. You can add up to three tags per folder. The tag you assign to a folder can be used to find it, and all other folders having the same tag. We’re starting you off with three tags that you can assign to your folders; Work, Family and Friends. Feel free to create more tags to organize your projects.


Rearrange files

You’ll find a new option that lets you rearrange files in any order you want inside a folder, just like you can do it on your desktop. Apart from rearranging your files manually, you can also quickly sort files by name, date and size. Files can also be sorted in ascending or descending order based on name, date and size.

Rearrange files

Dark & Light Viewer

We’ve improved the file viewer drastically, it’s more robust, up to ten times faster, and allows you to browse all files inside the viewer. We’ve also given users the choice to set a light or dark theme for the file viewer. You can switch to the light viewer when you share files and it will apply across all file viewers. You now have the ability to choose how you present your files.

file viewer themes

Upload Folder

You can now select a folder to upload all files in it. Jumpshare will create a folder of the same name as the one you selected when uploading your files. All files in sub-folders are extracted and added to a single folder that is consistent with our flat folder hierarchy.

Upload folder Jumpshare

Get More Space

Love Jumpshare? You are now rewarded with more storage when you invite your friends to Jumpshare. Invite friends and get 500MB additional space for each friend that installs the app. Get up to 18GB free space!


We’re very excited about the new release which was only possible thanks to the feedback we received. As always, we want to ask you to try out the new Jumpshare and let us know what you think.

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P.S. If you come across any bugs, you can report them to