Introducing Annotations and Notes for iPhone: Communicate on the go!

Today we’re excited to bring image annotations and notes feature to your pocket. It was first introduced in the Mac and Windows apps and was so well received, we had to bring it to the iPhone app.

Now when you’re away from your computer, you can capture photos, annotate them and collaborate with your team and clients on the go! We also added a Compose Note feature so you can jot down notes in a jiffy.

These features are great for those who want to keep their teams and clients up-to-date with their ideas when away from the desk. You can now stay productive on the go without switching between apps or missing your desktop.

We hope these features help you communicate and work better. Coming up next is Comments on iPhone and major improvements to both Mac and Windows apps to help teams work better together.

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Jumpshare for Windows v2.0.10 released. Update your app!

After two months of development, today we’re releasing v2.0.10 of Jumpshare for Windows app which brings many improvements, new features, and bug fixes. This version is the most stable version of our app and contains a brand new updater built-in.

Previously, whenever a new version of our app was released, we automatically updated your app to the latest version. However, we noticed that a lot of users were reporting failed updates which resulted in their apps crashing. So we went back to the drawing board and built our updater from the ground up. This version contains a brand new updater that is both stable and robust.

Because this release contains a new updater, you will have to uninstall your current Jumpshare app and download v2.0.10 from our website. We apologize for this one-time inconvenience. Future updates will be delivered automatically to your desktop so you won’t have to download them manually.

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What’s new in v2.0.10?

  • Ability to save screenshots to desktop after annotation (Plus feature)
  • Now you can use Jumpshare during screen recording in fullscreen mode
  • App updates in real time on upgrading to Jumpshare Plus
  • Brand new built-in App Updater
  • Enable or disable notifications from Preferences
  • Jumpshare hotkey support for Adobe Illustrator
  • Improved behavior of Audio Recording tool when no microphone is found
  • Improved behavior of annotation tool when annotating existing image
  • Added option to visit web dashboard in cog wheel dropdown menu
  • Added email address of logged in user in cog wheel drop down menu
  • Allow Screencast and audio tool to work without microphone
  • Allow screenshot capture when user is offline, the upload will start when you connect to the internet
  • Optimize screenshot capture tool for pixel perfect output
  • Fixed links sometimes not opening on default browser
  • Fixed app failing to capture whole screen when taking a screenshot
  • Fixed screencast not working in 32-bit OS
  • Fixed blur not working
  • Fixed the fullscreen screencast recording problem that prevented you from stopping the screencast
  • Fixed app not starting from the tray with one click after a system reboot in macOS
  • Various bug fixes, performance improvements, and user interface tweaks.

We hope you like this update. If you want to report any bugs or have a feature request, let us know in the comments. Happy sharing! 🙂

Introducing Comments: Get Feedback and Collaborate Faster With Everyone

Jumpshare Introducing File Comments

Creative professionals use Jumpshare because it makes sharing effortless. To get feedback however, they have to switch to others apps and services like email, or messaging platforms like Slack and Skype. This means the feedback and the files are residing in two different places. To streamline all this, we are introducing Comments; now you can get feedback directly on your files.

When you open a file, you will see a new comment option in the file viewer. Clicking this option will open the comment sidebar where anyone you share a file with can leave a comment. When someone leaves a comment on your file, you will get both a desktop and an email notification ensuring you don’t miss important feedback on your work.

Jumpshare file comments

The comments are real-time which means your whole team can participate in the discussion, much like a private chat room built into the file viewer. The comments update automatically and you can @mention people to notify them directly.

You will find a comment button in the header with a counter that tells you how many comments have been left on the current file. You can click this button to show/hide the comment sidebar. If you don’t want people leaving comments on your files and want the same old sharing experience, you can disable comments from the Jumpshare Settings page.

Comments are available on Web, Mac and Windows apps, and coming soon to our iPhone app.

Start Collaborating!

Introducing Full HD Video Sharing

Full HD video sharing

Jumpshare helps creative professionals work better by enabling them to preview over 200 file formats online. Videos are the most popular shared file format on our platform after images, and they’re increasingly becoming important for content marketers. Starting today, we’re introducing a Full HD option in the video player so you can share pixel perfect videos with your team and clients. When you upload a high-definition video (720p or 1080p), it will play in 480p quality by default. Just click the HD option and your video will play in full HD quality.

The Full HD playback option is available to all Jumpshare Plus users.

Upgrade to Jumpshare Plus

Introducing Version History


Jumpshare is used by thousands of professionals spread across diverse industries to quickly share files and collaborate with their teams and clients. Part of the collaboration process is to take the project from concept to completion. This means making hundreds of revisions to a file before it reaches the final result.

This is why today we’re excited to announce the launch of Version History to help everyone work even better. You can now upload a newer version of the file without breaking the share link. This is a great way to quickly update your work and ask your clients to review it without having to repeatedly share the files.

Replace file

What happens to the older versions of the file once they’re replaced? They are stored for 30 days and can be accessed from a dedicated Version History page. Just right-click your file and choose “Previous Versions” option to view all previous versions of the file.

Version History Jumpshare

Version History shows you the overall progress of your work, helping you check how the process evolved and at what point. It’s handy for when you want to revert to a previous version or reference it. At Jumpshare, our goal is to simplify the workflow as much as possible and Version History is our effort in that direction.

Version History is available starting today on Web, Mac, and Windows apps to all Jumpshare Plus users.

Upgrade to Jumpshare Plus

Jumpshare Gets GIF Recording, Version History, macOS Sierra Support & More

jumpshare-osx-final all icons v2

We’re excited to release the next version of Jumpshare v2.2 for Mac to the general public. This release adds support for macOS Sierra and comes with a slew of new features, including GIF Recording, Version History, and new Annotation tools.

GIF Recording

GIF is one of the fastest growing image format that is used virtually everywhere. Now you can save your screen recordings as a GIF. It’s great for creating a quick demonstration of your idea, reporting an issue, and everything else in between.


When you open the screen recording tool, you will find a new “Output” option. The default output is video but you can now change this to GIF. Once the output is changed, just choose the screen area you want to record and click Start to begin recording. Once you stop recording, the GIF is automatically uploaded and a link is copied to your clipboard, ready to be shared.

Version History


You can upload multiple versions of your designs, documents or any other file without breaking the share link. When you upload the same file again, you will be provided with a choice to either replace the older version or create a duplicate. When replacing a file, the newest version you upload will replace the existing one. To check previous versions of the file, right-click it and click “Previous Versions”. You have the option to view and restore any previous version of a file within 30 days.

If you don’t want a dialog to pop-up every time you upload a newer version of the same file, head over to Preferences and from the More tab, under “If file already exists” option, change it from “Always Ask” to either “Replace” or “Duplicate”.

Screen Shot 2016-09-28 at 1.39.21 PM

Version History will make you more productive, declutter your dashboard, and help you to work better with your team and clients.

New Annotation Tools


Screenshot Annotation is used by over 95% of our desktop users. Today we’re adding 3 new options in the Screenshot Annotation tool – Highlight, Blur, and Move. Highlight will help you quickly highlight any part of the image without ruining the overall aesthetics of the screenshot. Blur helps you hide sensitive data from the screenshots, such as email IDs, credit card information, and other important information. Lastly, the move tool comes in handy when you draw something and want to re-position the drawing to another area inside the screenshot.

Annotate Any Image, Not Just Screenshots


One of the lesser-known feature of Jumpshare is that you can annotate any image from your computer simply by right-clicking it and selecting “Annotate with Jumpshare” from the Services menu. You can now right-click any image from your Jumpshare account and Annotate it. Once you’ve annotated the image, you can either replace the older image with the new annotated one or create a duplicate image.

Download Files To Your Computer

Before today, if you wanted to download any file from your Jumpshare account, you had to visit the web interface. But now you can simply right-click any file in the Jumpshare window and choose “Download” option to begin downloading. All downloaded files go to your “Downloads” folder by default.

Webcam Recording

Screen Shot 2016-09-28 at 1.40.38 PM

When you open Jumpshare, you will find a new tool in the top bar – Webcam. Users can now record their webcam and save it as either video or GIF. Webcam recording is also integrated with screen recording tool. When recording screencasts, you will find a new webcam option next to the click-tracking and audio options. If you want to visually explain something to your clients by recording a screencast and at the same time record yourself, you can now do it seamlessly without using multiple 3rd party tools.

Google Sign-in

Screen Shot 2016-10-17 at 5.21.17 PM

Now you can login to Google using one-click. If you’ve enabled 2-factor authentication for Google, it automatically secures your Jumpshare account. Google Login works everywhere, on the Web, Mac, Windows, and iPhone apps.

MacOS Sierra, Sketch 40, and Faster Photoshop Uploads

Apart from adding new features, we’ve made hundreds of changes under the hood to improve performance, add support for the latest versions of Sketch and Photoshop, and add support for macOS Sierra. You can now use Jumpshare Hotkey to quickly share your designs from Sketch 40. We’ve also optimized Photoshop uploads, now when you upload designs using the Jumpshare Hotkey from Photoshop, they will upload 20x faster and the output will be 10x smaller without any loss of quality.

If you already have the Mac app installed, you will get an update automatically. If you don’t have it, we suggest using the button below to download the latest version.

Download Jumpshare


Enable Desktop Notifications: Get Real Time Alerts In Your Web Browser

Every time your shared file is viewed or downloaded by recipients, we notify you via email and send you push notifications to your desktop apps and iPhone app. We also send notifications when any Jumpshare user shares files with you. However, if you’re using the web app, there is no way to get notified in real-time. That changes today!

We’ve now added support for desktop notifications for every major web browser, including Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE, and others. Once enabled, you will be receive notifications every time there is an activity in your account. Desktop notifications allow to work and respond faster, and helps you make Jumpshare an integral part of your workflow.

To enable desktop notifications, visit the Settings page and under Notifications section, click “Enable Desktop Notifications” button.

Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 4.55.31 PM

Once done, your browser will ask for your permission, click “Accept”.

Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 5.05.41 PM

That’s all. It’s that easy!

If you want to stop receiving desktop notifications from your browser, just click “Disable Desktop Notifications” button under Notifications.

Introducing The World’s First Real Time File Sharing App for iPhone

Title ImageToday, we’re delighted to introduce Jumpshare for iPhone – the world’s first real time file sharing app. You can immediately share your files with a link, or via email without waiting for uploads to finish. It also comes with a powerful file viewer, advanced sharing options, and useful tracking features which help you work smarter and be more productive on the go.

Sharing a file with Jumpshare is at least 3x faster. This is an incredible improvement over existing file sharing apps which require you to wait until files are uploaded before you can generate a shareable link.

Share Files In Real Time

Share Files in Real Time

Jumpshare is designed for instant sharing. You just open the app, select files to upload, and share them right away. There’s never any waiting involved! The real-time nature of Jumpshare makes file sharing a near-invisible component of your daily workflow, helping you remain focused on your work.

Your recipients enjoy the same seamless experience. Uploading progress from your end is shown in real-time, and files are loaded the moment they’re ready – no page refreshes required.

What’s more: after sharing files, you can smartly time your follow-ups with recipients because Jumpshare sends push notifications when they view or download your files.

View 200+ File Formats

View 200+ File FormatsFile sharing works particularly well when everyone can easily open and view files. So, delivering a powerful file viewer which goes beyond the basics was one of our biggest tasks as we developed the app, and we are proud what we have achieved!

Jumpshare can open over 200 file formats – a number unheard of in the mobile space. Everything you work with on a daily basis can be previewed flawlessly. From documents, photos and videos to code, fonts, Markdown, and Photoshop/vector files. Whether you’re using the iPhone app, or viewing shared files on mobile, or desktop, the days of installing separate apps for different file formats are over!

Bookmark Anything

Bookmark AnythingStumbled upon a funny video, or an important article? Save it for later with the Bookmark option. You can also use our link shortener to share and track how many times your link has been viewed.

What’s more: you can directly upload files you find online to your Jumpshare account. Just bookmark the file’s URL, and our servers will fetch and upload the file for you!

Advanced Sharing Options

Advanced Sharing OptionsWhen a simple link or email doesn’t cut it, you can rely on Jumpshare’s more advanced sharing options:

  • Share temporary links based on time, or number of views and downloads
  • Set files to self destruct automatically after a certain time
  • Disable downloads so recipients can only view – not save – your files
  • Lock files with a password to protect them from unauthorized access
  • And a lot more when you upgrade to Jumpshare Plus: 1TB of storage, custom branding, domain, Analytics, Inbox, and scheduled sharing

Jumpshare is the world’s first real-time file sharing app for mobile, and the last mobile file sharing app you will ever need. We’re incredibly excited about launching it today, and simply cannot wait to show you what we have in store!